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A thousand years of snow
posted 8/19/2012 2:22:08 AM

I have returned, my children. Fear not, my moonly presence will resume its shine on your dark paths.

Mhmmm, that's right. The maiden is back, with regular blogs about what it is like, to be a recovering gamer. It is sad to say that, during my absence, my romance with gaming died.

So now, I am just a regular blogger excited to see my friends again!

I missed the old crew and I see I am not the only one who disappeared! lastwar? Realusionist, Toastmaster, MY SUBBIES! where are you all.

Anywho, I will get them all back. Enjoy this filler. I think it is time I expanded my bloggerverse and found another blogging site to blog on as well.

Forever your moon in the night,
I am moonlight.



Cherries for your Presence
posted 3/4/2011 12:29:07 AM

do people even blog here anymore? i guess chu took too long to update, everybody moved elsewhere. Now i return to the home i left. I walk down the long, empty, dusty corridors to the echo of my footsteps on the hard stone floor.
i peek into doors and windows wo find furniture covered in white sheeets caked with dust, as if a funeral for a friend had passed.

bleh. very soon, and soon again, these halls will be filled with life and light. until then, only my mooney radiance will shine through the dust and pierce the heart of darkness to bring forth....erm..., like i said. Rolling out.

Your ever,

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i bCK
posted 1/18/2011 8:30:24 AM

After the long silence.
i back.
but only for a short while.
keepest me in your memories.

the maiden

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Chocolate for Vinegar
posted 4/24/2010 2:57:18 AM


Parents know how to **** their own kids off better than anyone or anything else on earth. One would think they knew everything (which they do) and there was not a damn thing we could do about it (which we cant) and therefore we had to settle for what they wanted in the end (which is more or less inevitable).

Teens Global Liberation Front - yeah right, they still hold the credit cards.

*stops self from swearing really loud for a long time*

Maybe i will just drink some water to cool the fire inside. Get it? Fire? Ugh.

Bleh, i think i will just curl up and die.


Live long and prosper

Under and In.

moonlight_juice...nah, maiden still rocks.


End of the Line
posted 4/7/2010 12:15:41 AM

08:05 CAT.

Havent slept in 21 hours. Body feels alright, mind, not so good. Assignment due today. Was given a week ago. Cut off time is 2pm. My time is 8.06am. Been working on said assignment since 7.30pm previous day. Exhausted. Cannot sleep and continue later as will be travelling. Will only arrive in time for class. Plan to miss out on first 2 hours. will go to library and finish this.

I wish life were easier. Another assignment for friday. 36 sketches. Have not started, intend to start tomorrow as will be very sleepy/tired tonight.

Times are sad, but im not. Must just get to friday and all's good, for as long as there are no tests friday. Beginning to think of that gap year i decided against. *sigh*

I will survive. Cant stop typing. 8.09am. Must get into shower, do some last minute packing, leaving at 9. That means no blogs, no chu for the next...2/3 months. I am proud.

Shoulders hurt. Beginnning to feel effects of sleeplessness. Eyes drooping, must shower before i fall asleep in shower and am very...graphic conditions. Head spinning. Tummy hurt, must be that macaroni. Thought it was bad, but was to hungry to care. Also killed a bag of biscotti. I think i suffer from lack of self control.

Easter weekend awesome. Great. No pools however, quite sad.

End Politics Today.
Love the Easter Bunny and prosper.

This month:
Uncharted: Eye of Indra
Better Relationships
Still no dog.

Drink Oshikandela and Prosper.
The Moon Force with u be.
Too much star wars this weekend.

Be blessed,

Moonlight girl...damsel...maiden still rules.

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