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Superb Demo Sisters
posted 11/2/2014 10:09:46 PM

Okay okay okay. So I know what you're thinking. You love Mario games but you hate how all the new features and whatnot have made the game way too easy by today's standards.

What you need is to go back to your roots. I offer you the B-side to A 2nd Mario Bros X thing otherwise known as Superb Demo Sisters.


This game is designed to emulate the original Super Mario Bros in play style as much as possible.

Spin jumping? Who needs it.
Backtracking in a level? Bah we need to keep going forward.
Saving? Only scrubs need to save
Level count? 8 Worlds 4 Levels each is all you need.
Warp zones? Jump over the world of course.
Map Screen? You won't even miss it.
Lives? You earn them.


A 2nd Mario Bros X Thing
posted 9/28/2014 4:55:37 PM

You love Mario games right? You also love free games on your PC right? Need something to spice up your 2D life?

Why not give A 2nd Mario Bros X Thing a try? It's a free fan made game that's based on the Super Mario Bros X engine which aims to emulate Super Mario Bros 3 game physics as much as possible.



Just an Ordinary Hack of Sonic
posted 7/3/2014 10:10:49 PM

Nothing extraordinary happens in this at all


Setup my HTPC for some Steam Streaming
posted 6/30/2014 8:41:43 AM

My HTPC is truly a piece of crap that I kind of wish to replace but it still trudges along so it still retains some use to me. There are some instances where it has trouble playing HD videos (e.g. stuttering on FIFA streaming from ESPN).

I decided to give Steam's In-Home Streaming a try. The concept is relatively simple in that you have two computers on the same network (the one with the power to run and one connected to the video out you want). Mine being my main PC that's for gaming and the other the HTPC mainly for the CABLECard and Cable service I have. I say I was pleasantly surprised.

Some specs on the HTPC:
Intel Atom CPU (really bad but it draws little power for TV viewing and I'm all for the environment).
NVidia ION (Not that great but allows for HD video...sometimes)
4 GB RAM (Gets the job done)
64 GB SSD (Probably not the best option for recording DVR through media center but too lazy to replace it).

Some specs on my main PC:
Intel i7 Haswell (Mainly for bragging rights)
NVidia GTX 780 (Only 1)
24 GB of RAM (Also for bragging rights and VMWare. Used to be 32 GB but one stick went bad).
256 SSD + 1 TB HDD (Because storage)

I had a controller connected to the HTPC and fired up my control game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It's old but it's a good item to test the controls as it requires precision timing with controller input and it's a game I know very well and have no trouble playing through. The input lag is there but not so much to outright prevent playing the game.

Next game I tried was Borderlands 2. This one ran very nice at 1080p with max settings. The controller input lag was even less than the SnK3 test above making me think that game needs some optimization. I also found out that I'm really bad with a controller on FPS type games.

And the final test was YS Origin. This one was really fun although a strange issue where the controller kept registering going up and left. This almost made the game unplayable but was able to override it with any other direction and decently did well as long as I wasn't standing still. If I can figure out that issue then this would be perfect for couch sitting and playing through the game on the big TV screen.

Overall a neat experience if you have the resourced available to set it up on your TV (or you could just go the route of a really long HDMI cable).


Top 50 worst products by security issues
posted 5/3/2014 11:32:06 AM


A compiled list of the most vulnerable programs commonly used (by number of vulnerabilities). You would be surprised at what appears where in the list.

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