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Video Games - Safety Is Not Guaranteed
posted 3/24/2015 10:59:26 PM

“Lately, there are days I can’t even remember the other world. And it isn’t just me. Recently, fewer and fewer people have been giving their all to clear the game.”

Once upon a time there was a young high school student whom was gifted with level design. He was an avid player of the old game Counter Strike and he came up with an idea that was a well beaten horse. Make a map based on the school he went to. To him it made sense as he knew the building inside and out from having attended the school. It was a fairly complex building giving it a decent balance with attention to detail.

And so he went on designing it. Allowing his artistic side to flow and recreate the most minor of details.

It became popular amongst his peers. His map was quite recognizable. Even to a teacher. The teacher, however, was not a gamer and observed what kind of game it was. A building of the school? Guns? Terrorists? Counter Terrorists? This mind is warped! He must be expelled!

And expelled he was. Not only that but the door barged on in. A squad came on it and starting yelling about. The poor map designer had meet an actual counter-terrorist team and understood him to be the opposing team. A run through of the judicial system found him innocent indeed but his education shot and his reputation in despair. Forced to sit in alternative school he did graduate and shake the principal's hand when getting his diploma he did not.

But why o why did it turn out in such a way? Surely this was just a level designer at heart who meant no harm. All he had was a normal hobby which he shared with others. But to treat him unjustly surely there was a disconnect.

Many have asked the same questions in different forms for different genres before. They treat us like criminals with an addiction. That is the heart of the heated row? How could such a thing unite a prosecutor and a journalist in such harmony?

A radio broadcast came through to the level designer. It held an interview with a professional gamer. Surely he can show the light on something that isn't dangerous. Little did he know that the interview was doomed.

The progamer was famous. He won tournaments televised and not. His specialty was to command troops and defeat the enemy's base. He was very efficient with his mind and skill. The interviewer did not care. He asked many questions to which he could not respond to.

"Is cyber-money worth around thousands of dollars?"

"Are you not addicted to game?"

"If one kills another player in a game, do you feel the urge to kill them in real life."

At a loss of words, he was quickly left out. Only to watch as the interviewers ranted back and forth. It was a shame as he had valuable insight on how to approach the problem they see. It did not seem they cared to address such a problem. Even worse they see love of playing as addiction. The gateway drug to spending your days alone and deranged.

Did these people even understand the problem? They have children of their own. Surely they know their own feelings. Their children are grounded actually. Forbidden and chastised for being seen with a game with a T. Why was the kid attracted to such a game?! They exclaim and rage with all their might. Their poor child sitting in his room. All alone. Not a soul to play with. Not even his parents would do something else with him. A sad and broken childhood was a possible outcome. Worse yet a reality already to some. He found solace in the CPU. Always waiting for him when he needed someone.

These are the ones at risk. Children turning to games as a means of escape. They sit without expression. Their eyes reflecting the glow of the screen. To them there is no fun. All there is for them is the game. Why care about anything else? After all nobody else seemed to do so for him. The world is meaningless and cold. Left in the void of the game and into a delusion that can prove fatal.


Finally LoL is gone from OGN
posted 1/9/2015 12:03:17 AM

Brood War finally reclaims the OSL as it should be. This year is the year of revival.



posted 1/3/2015 12:18:01 PM


Just to prove a point.


Superb Demo Sisters
posted 11/2/2014 10:09:46 PM

Okay okay okay. So I know what you're thinking. You love Mario games but you hate how all the new features and whatnot have made the game way too easy by today's standards.

What you need is to go back to your roots. I offer you the B-side to A 2nd Mario Bros X thing otherwise known as Superb Demo Sisters.


This game is designed to emulate the original Super Mario Bros in play style as much as possible.

Spin jumping? Who needs it.
Backtracking in a level? Bah we need to keep going forward.
Saving? Only scrubs need to save
Level count? 8 Worlds 4 Levels each is all you need.
Warp zones? Jump over the world of course.
Map Screen? You won't even miss it.
Lives? You earn them.


A 2nd Mario Bros X Thing
posted 9/28/2014 4:55:37 PM

You love Mario games right? You also love free games on your PC right? Need something to spice up your 2D life?

Why not give A 2nd Mario Bros X Thing a try? It's a free fan made game that's based on the Super Mario Bros X engine which aims to emulate Super Mario Bros 3 game physics as much as possible.


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