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First World Problems
posted 10/16/2014 3:27:01 AM

Karma is a [fill in the blank expletive]

In the process of building my new system I was fortunate enough to come across a pair of GeForce GTX 980s (four pair in fact).

Two of those made it into my rig. The other three went on eBay at a mark-up.

Typically, I have felt that those types of auctions/sales are annoying and dirty. However, I opted to sell my soul in an effort to recoup some of the cost tossing my set into the chassis.

So the first pair goes online and consists of two ASUS STRIX GTX 980s at $699 a piece. Both cards sell within two days. One to a college student in AK, and the other to someone in Sri Lanka... now stop me if you have heard this one... five days after shipping the item to Sri Lanka, PayPal notifies me of a contested charge due to an unauthorized payment. Thankfully eBay and PayPal have seller protection, right? Only if your sale and shipment meet a set of criteria; one of those being the requirement of signature confirmation for items over $250... and guess what I didn't use. Now chances are that I am out the cost of that card, the shipping, and the eBay selling fees ($70+).

Now that I am out that chunk (not officially, PayPal is still "investigating") I still have two pairs to sell. Only now, I just want them to be gone. Unfortunately, I also discovered that between eBay fees and shipping... selling these at a $100 markup is a wash (actually a loss considering the time I invested in my eBay ad and the time lost to ship).

I think Karma was just waiting outside Micro Center so that she could kick my a$$.

At any rate, I at least have the opportunity to self reflect. In doing so, I think I discovered something about myself I need to address. It occurs to me that my loathing for those that buy hard to get items and mark them up was ultimately not because I felt they were robbing them. Clearly, I was ultimately willing to try this when I felt it met my own needs... no, I believe my disdain was actually jealousy that I was not profiting from it as well.

Now I just have to find a means to forgo the greed... and to unload four high-end graphics cards...

I told you... first world problems.

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Among the living again...
posted 10/7/2014 12:00:31 PM

It feels like forever since I have been able to participate here. Over the last six months my family has had some trying times to say the least.

Nearly two months ago I was forced to sell my system... it's extremely materialistic, but that was the toughest loss for me to that point. Granted the consequences of not selling it would have been far more trying.

The system only left two months ago, but my activity certainly lapsed around six months ago. I will not go into the personal details for a variety of reasons... not the least of them being many of you don't know me... or won't remember me... or could care less regardless (I don't take it personally). However, for those of you that have kept in touch I am more thankful than you could ever know.

Things have taken a drastic turn in improving, and although everything isn't perfect (because nothing ever is). We are getting back on our feet. I was even able to build a new rig... it's not all in yet, but I'll post specs and pics when it is.

At any rate, I am glad to be back. I have looked forward to coming here since I found the site six+ years ago. I am an extremely proud lifetime member, and am elated to actually be able to participate once again.


Not certain one could call this work.
posted 12/24/2013 9:54:48 AM

So it is the holiday season, and unlike many of my customers I am at work.

My company develops software for political campaigns and non-profit organizations (sadly, the two go hand-in-hand these days like you would not believe).

As an atheist, I truly do not have any problem working today. Still, most of the clientele I work with are not working today. So as you can imagine, my day is running relatively quiet.

That's not a bad thing, but man it makes for a slow day. I hope others are enjoying some peace and quiet if they are working today... especially since most of you likely celebrate the coming holiday with religious reason. I hope your bosses are as amazing as mine, and are allowing you to enjoy your downtime hopping on this site and crackin' out your Vita (or other handheld) and catching up on some much needed gaming.

I also have some SOAD and Bad Religion playing as well... may even kick in some Megadeath in honor of @Evenscense

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What does it say about me...
posted 12/14/2013 9:13:59 AM

While driving home from work last night I pass by one of those dynamic traffic alert signs. The sign reads:


Is it sad that my first thought is: "Wow, so 75% percent of all traffic fatalities are caused by sober drivers..."

Clearly I am defunct within my cerebral cortex.


I am terrible at Gears Of War
posted 12/10/2013 5:12:30 PM

So as I mentioned not long ago... after seven years I finally broke down and purchased a 360 (my PS3 has kept me satisfied during that time otherwise).

I literally only picked up the 360 to check out a handful of titles that were exclusive to the second generation XBox.
Traditionally, I start all games on the harder levels... I guess that it is kind of a dive right in approach and mentality at work/play.

Gears of War has been absolutely no exception, and I know some of you are likely die-hard fans of the series... but seriously, I am not certain if I can even go on (and I purchased all four titles… mind you used… so I dumped out a little less than thirty for the set).

The mapping and controls just feel terribly wonky. Perhaps if I change the button/stick mapping (if I even can... haven't looked yet) it will be more comfortable. For now though, I feel as if every required maneuver is just counter intuitive. With most console games I have played it takes a few moments to become familiarized with the commands, but with this title nothing seems to jive.

I feel as if weapon selection would have been better served with the RT and LT slots. It seems to me as if there is no consistency with the effectiveness of obtaining cover… sometimes I press A and Fenix clings behind a wall to obtain it, and others times I feel as if I can pound on “A” 500 times and Marcus just remains standing like a stationary target for practice shooting. The lack of a typical health bar aggravates me. The Crimson Omen feels more like a distraction (of course in real life I presume bullets piercing your chest would also be a mild form of interference as well). The tutorial was also incredibly lacking… as an example… I did not discover that melee whilst holding a grenade equated to placing it on to your enemy… so while I thought I was punching my opponent I was A: wasting precious ammo, and B: unknowingly placing explosives on an enemy that would soon explode and kill me with it as well.

I actually have a few other annoyances with this game, but the crux of the matter is that I can just not adapt to it and therefore am utterly and hopelessly terrible when I play. And can I just say… games are just somehow not as enjoyable when you keep dying every five seconds in the early stages…

As a side note: I am not über impressed with the 360 that much either… on the whole, I would say that I have actually enjoyed my PS Vita more… and that system was a stone cold flop (… though I look forward to its reinvention with the PS4).

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