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How's life?
posted 6/19/2011 1:36:12 PM

So, this is my third blog post after quite a while and in hope it will get more attention and will be more mature then my previous.

Any way I wanted to talk about life. Life are a weird thing, you can sometimes hear someone who say:
"Man life sucks!"
and then in the next corner another person who will say:
"Life are heaven!".
Well I can't quite decide myself about that and I can tell you why:
I usually start my morning at 06:20 at the morning barely waking up, I go to the shower, shaving, dressing up and then go to "work" (it is with the "" because I don't really work for money but I do get payed and that's all I can say of that topic at the moment)
I'm working as a programer by the way. Any way I'm getting to "work" and then start my day saying hi to every one I work with and sit by the computer starting to do what I need to do...
The job is great and gives me some real knowledge but some times it can be so frustrating that I can't take it anymore, I just want to die. (too harsh sorry :\)
But when I think hard enough I can see moments of this life that makes me so happy that I think I'm in heaven! like:
Games, Cheating in games using CH trainers, Girls, Boys (not really...), Doing it for the first time :X (Not really as well. I'm still a virgin. O_O (Any girl want to volunteer? :P))
So basically life are good, or bad, or both? ahhh... life really a weird thing.

So that's was my case for this blog entry hope it will interest your minds. (and body )
And remember:
"When you think
Think Hard
Think Deep"
This slogan is copyrighted© by Bonzay0. (Nahh just kidding but please don't steal it from me)

Bonzay0 out!


Best Game Ever (PC Game Contest)
posted 9/4/2009 12:57:15 PM

Hi Every 1 its me again
your Overlord Bonzay0 (lol).

Well I was wondering what is the best game
you ever played? I played PC games since I was 6
and I'm still playing today, and well I wondered
what was or is the best game ever? Dont tell me Diablo
or Diablo2 thats not really true (or maybe it is but not in here).
I want to know What is the best of the best (other then Diablo).

Well now we going to find out what IS the best game ever!

Ok the contest Goes like this:

Name: (The game name)
Year: (When did they made it)
Designer(s) : (who made this game)
Publisher(s) : (Who publish this game)
Developer(s) : (Who developed it)
Genre: (What type of game is it)
It is the best Because: (Tell me why its the best)


Name: Call of Duty 4
Year: 2007
Designer(s) : Keith Arem
Publisher(s) : Activision
Developer(s) : Infinity Ward
Genre: FPS
It is the best Because: It is the best Because it has
an great weapon upgrating system on the MP and its story
is amazing, it has all the good stuff an FPS game should have.

Well I will be waiting for your comments waiting to choose the
Best Game Ever!


Worst Program Ever?
posted 8/21/2009 6:52:50 AM

Hi every one.
As you can see I'am really confused, I cant seem to decide what
program are really useless and not worth having.
I have several nu,bers of programs that I tried but deciding
that they are useless without other opinions is worthless,
So I decided that I should ask you guys what do you think?

witch program is the worst program of all?

I will give athe first suggestion: Virtual CD
to me I think it is the most useless program ever.

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