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Model Building Pt. 2 (Image Heavy)
posted 6/19/2012 12:07:58 AM

Here comes a big one. I know, I know, that's what she said. Anyway, the inflamation of my excema went down somewhat over the weekend, and I went to see my doctor yesterday morning and got a new steroid cream, so it started to go down quite quickly. At the very least, the pain disappated.

Thanks to that I got quite a bit done yesterday.

I started out with some more pieces added to the internal structure, followed by two extendable "wings" on either side of the hull. These contract and are locked in place inside the hull, with two pieces on either side which can lift up to fill in the hole.

These can them be lowered back inside, the wings unlocked with a simple sprig loaded button which comes out through the bottom of the hull, and then pulled out to expand.

I haven't shown them fixed to the hull just yet, because they're not securely fastened at the moment.

Next up was the bow section, beginning with the torpedo tubes. As the picture shows, the three hatches can be pushed inwards to allow spring loaded torpedoes to be displayed in a ready position. Pulling the switches on the left back will retract the torpedoes and the hatches will snap back into place thanks to a more springs behind each one. There's a duplicate for the other side of the ship.

The next step was to fix the two "weapon pods" to the internal structure, house the two front red and white LED's inside a clear section, and the anchor chain housing...

...and then attach them all together.

Now that all but one bow section internal pieces were together, I just needed to attach the two sides of the lower hull...

...then the "nose" on the front. The connector block also attaches into the bow section. This fixes to the wired side of the display stand, and contains all of the female sockets for the motor blocks and LED's.

Finally for this part is the conn/bridge tower. Fairly straight forward for this one, but it contains a lot of clear parts. The final two LED's are housed in this section, and due to the hollow nature of the interior, the LED's are placed in such a way that they should light up the entire tower.

The last part of this section is the secon - and largest - motor block. This is housed between two large interior pieces. The two cannons affixed first are static. Finally, after threadding the LED connector through the base, the conn/bridge tower just snaps in place on top and we're done for now!

Next up, things get big. The following section involves putting together the last motor block and the infra-red receiver, and the three large constructed sections I have - the bow section, the main hull and engines, and the conn/bridge tower section.

With the next section, the hull should be largely completed, leaving only the decks and weapons to construct. This is half way through the instruction booklet, and coming up is section 9 of 17.


Model Building Pt. 1 (Image Heavy)
posted 6/16/2012 3:23:24 PM

So last time I decided to photograph my progress on my Space Battleship Yamato kit, then figured I might as well blog it. Taking pictures is all well and good, but I've always felt they're a little hollow if I'm the only one who ever see's them.

I'll post the couple I put in my last entry- might as well start at the beginning. The first is the motors and LED's hooked up to the main block and fixed to the base, which contains a speaker, more wiring and three D cell batteries to power it all. The second is just a quick pic of the LED's, just to prove I didn't blow it or myself up.

Now for the new pictures and the actual construction. The first three are just of the very bottom of the hull and the starts of the internal support structure.

The block on the stern (right) of that last one is a hollow bay. There's a red LED which fits into a hollow onto the right side of the roof (technically the back) for lighting it up inside, and a movable hatch in the bottom of the hull to allow it to have a point and actually be seen (barely shown in the middle pic).

The next two are just housing the left and right amber (or orange depending on who you ask) LED's into the port and starboard sub engines. Then obviously fitting the engines to the hull.

Next up is just a shot of the first motor fixed in place, and then the wiring finally in place and out of the way. When it's done, there'll be two main cannons on top of those spokes of that motor block.

Finally, for this entry, I have a few of the rear panels on the sides, the first deck plate, and the main engine attached. There's another amber/orange LED inside the engine, I just didn't want to stop to snap a picture with the wire getting shorter and awkward. I included a wider shot to show the whole progress so far.

The engine itself doesn't actually sit 100% flush with the hull- there's a slight gap at the bottom, but it's due to one of the pieces inside the engine being slightly warped, and I wasn't able to get it back into shape without risking it snapping. I notice it because I know it's there, but hopefully it won't be noticeable when it's all put together.

That concludes my first boring post into model building. I aimed to do a bit a day, but my eczema has flared up on my hands so it's kinda painful to move my fingers much. For those interested, I'll have some more up in the next few days.

For the record, no I won't be painting it. I've always been a capable builder, but I've never been a painter. The parts are generally coloured as they would be if they were painted, just without that added detail and effects, so it doesn't look too bad as is. I'd rather it look a little plain unpainted, than ruin the entire thing with a bad paint job.

Oh, and credit where credit is due... having a Tablet, a writing stylus, and Google Translate with handwriting support makes some of the instructions a whole lot simpler. Especially when LED's and wires are colour coded, while the only colour coding in the instruction booklet is different shades of blue with Japanese identifying text.

Even if machine translations do mostly come out as garbage.


Electronics in Japanese 101
posted 6/14/2012 4:02:31 PM

First I'll start with the success. I put the finishing touches to my 1/3000th SDF-1 Macross, from Macross/Robotech. The body comes as full complete, but there's a couple of spru's of little parts to cover screw holes and a few extra details.

It's in battleship mode now, but it does actually transform into "human" mode. I just packed the instructions back into the box before deciding to take a picture.

Second is the giant Space Battleship Yamato kit I put a picture up of the box for the other day. I decided to take a crack at it, and I've gotten all of the electronics into the base, and the actual ships' electronics all plugged in for testing. I just need 3 giant batteries to test it out before I can carry on building.

Here's how it's supposed to look in the manual:

And here's how it looks in practice:

It doesn't actually look as bad as I expected it to. The only bugger up so far is that I put the on/off switch in upside down, so it's backwards. Gotta keep that in mind when I'm trying not to turn myself into a human BBQ...

Anyway, stay tuned to see if I have some working motors and LED's, or if I electrocute myself. Either way I'll up a pic. If it's the latter, it should be interesting.

IT WORKS! BWAHAHAHAHAHHA! Difficult to take a pic to prove I'm didn't blow it up and just want to save face since the LED's don't stay on (they're engine effects), but I'll get to it later.

Now with colourful pictures! Well one of them. Kinda difficult to get a decent pic, since one group of LED's are constantly lit for lighting the bridge section windows, while the other only lights up for engine effects (there's two at the other end of the stand for the "deflector" type piece at the bow, which likewise only light up when the sequence is activated).

Obviously I can't photograph the motors working, so you'll just have to take my word on that. There's 5 main motors - 3 fore and 2 aft - for the main cannons, plus 20 small half-circle motors for the mid section small cannons, and 5 linear motors... which I have no clue what they do with the finished piece at the moment.

Yes, I'm aware of how much of a complete nerd I'm starting to sound like, and I love it . Anyway, a little tricky to understand the instructions, but all in allpretty straight forward.

I'll probably make a series of blog entries tracking the build progress, which is probably completely uninteresting to most people, but I think this one's a special kit and definitely worth the extra time (and loss of credit with my peers).


Understanding Ridiculous Shipping
posted 6/12/2012 7:26:45 AM

Now I understand the excessive shipping costs...

Now I just have to understand the Japanese instructions. Not so difficult for gluing things together, not so much for electronics.


He's Dead Jim...
posted 6/11/2012 1:11:53 AM

...Jim, he's dead.

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