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I found a way to get my PC to myself.
posted 1/29/2015 4:37:03 PM

Turns out Matt hates the Tetris stickers around my monitor so intensely that it keeps him away from my desk altogether. Which is pretty awesome for me because when he uses my PC for gaming he leaves cans and stuff on my desk (I like it to be MY clutter and not rubbish)

(I can list what the things on my desk are if anyone's curious, which I doubt very much)

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Sort of a catch up blog
posted 12/10/2014 3:46:13 PM

Because my commitment to at least a blog a month kind of fell apart at the end of October.

I am now engaged! Matt proposed to me on the Sunday of MCM in the middle of two cosplay groups for my favourite things (Avatar and Bioware)

The wedding will be in March 2017 Which seems far off but we have so much to save up for, and I need to lose weight and we need to plan where to settle down once we're married. So yeah, lots to think about.

I've had an unfortunate saga with receiving Dragon Age: Inquisition. I pre-ordered it back in July via Gamestop UK. I booked a holiday from work on November 21st to receive it. Nothing arrived. I checked online, and Gamestop UK had a massive failure in receiving payments via Paypal. I then had to wait all weekend while their customer services were closed, wait Monday as their phone system drops the call after five minutes holding to get through on the Tuesday. A lovely lady in customer services sorted getting it dispatched. Then the courier service repeatedly delivered while I was at work, set the status online as delivered so I couldn't arrange redelivery myself and due to a series of events sent the parcel back to Gamestop. I'm currently emailing another lady in their customer services to try and at least get the game before Christmas. I'll cry if this game isn't worth the hassle.

OmegaRuby is a lot of fun! I have five gym badges so far and I've been battling with transferring my Pokemon from SoulSilver across to OR. So. Much. Work.

Work has been getting a lot more bearable in the last month. I switched departments back in July, and now work providing customer services for electricity/gas as opposed to mobile phones. On the one hand, people are willing to admit they don't know a thing about it and will let you explain things. On the other hand problems can be a bigger deal because it's larger costs if mistakes happen. People swear less, but somehow more frequently assume we're all uneducated? I memorised the calculations needed to work out an energy bill, and some of these people can't submit meter readings the right way around, but somehow I'm automatically dumb? Bah. I'm holding onto hope that next month I can switch job roles and do one that's not customer facing and mainly involves helping other advisors when they're stuck.

How's everyone else doing?


Woo! MCM Expo!
posted 10/22/2014 3:09:26 PM

I will be at the London MCM Expo this weekend! Expect lots of pictures of cosplays and stuff when I get back next Monday.

Oh, and I'm starting a Let's Play channel with Degari pretty soon. Our first episode is getting edited together since it involves two lots of footage. I'll share a link when it's online next week.


I have a new PC!
posted 10/1/2014 1:14:32 PM

We are nicknaming her Bertha the Behemoth

The London MCM Expo is in three weeks and I'm super excited!


I have reclaimed my desk
posted 9/4/2014 1:53:11 PM

Matt's been borrowing it for about a month to play Guild Wars 2, but he's finally hating my desk chair enough to stop using the desk altogether. Which is awesome because he left empty beer bottles and other stuff everywhere D=

Newly cleaned desk:

Last weekend I went to Sheffield Film and Comic Con. It was fantastic, and I was able to meet and get an autograph from Paul McGann (Eighth Doctor). They had some classic Who actors there as well, and the panel they all did was very fun. Matt and one of my friends obtained tribbles and they are so cute. I picked up a mug that for some reason has a 12 month guarantee? Hmm.

I'm counting down the days until the London MCM Expo, then after that there's the Dragon Age:Inquisition release, and then it's Christmas.

Not much of this year left now, come to think of it.

How has this year been for everyone else?

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