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Woo! MCM Expo!
posted 10/22/2014 3:09:26 PM

I will be at the London MCM Expo this weekend! Expect lots of pictures of cosplays and stuff when I get back next Monday.

Oh, and I'm starting a Let's Play channel with Degari pretty soon. Our first episode is getting edited together since it involves two lots of footage. I'll share a link when it's online next week.


I have a new PC!
posted 10/1/2014 1:14:32 PM

We are nicknaming her Bertha the Behemoth

The London MCM Expo is in three weeks and I'm super excited!


I have reclaimed my desk
posted 9/4/2014 1:53:11 PM

Matt's been borrowing it for about a month to play Guild Wars 2, but he's finally hating my desk chair enough to stop using the desk altogether. Which is awesome because he left empty beer bottles and other stuff everywhere D=

Newly cleaned desk:

Last weekend I went to Sheffield Film and Comic Con. It was fantastic, and I was able to meet and get an autograph from Paul McGann (Eighth Doctor). They had some classic Who actors there as well, and the panel they all did was very fun. Matt and one of my friends obtained tribbles and they are so cute. I picked up a mug that for some reason has a 12 month guarantee? Hmm.

I'm counting down the days until the London MCM Expo, then after that there's the Dragon Age:Inquisition release, and then it's Christmas.

Not much of this year left now, come to think of it.

How has this year been for everyone else?


posted 8/21/2014 4:24:31 PM

Turns out I'm really bad at making myself take pictures of things that make me happy when everything is a bit rubbish and stressful.

Matt's bought an engagement ring. It's currently in the top drawer next to his side of the bed. I'm supposed to pretend to everyone we both know that I don't know it's there.

I have a new job that I really hate. For various reasons I have to stick it out until the new year. I'm trying really hard to be positive about it, but it's getting so draining.

Moving in with Matt is the best decision I've made all year. Everything is relaxed and awesome. He doesn't lose patience with me when I get depressed or forget to do things. On Sundays we sleep in 'til noon, eat a fry up for brunch and marathon things on Netflix. For the last two weeks getting in from work means he hops on Guild Wars 2 while I play lots of Final Fantasy X and there's so much harmony between us. I'm really happy with him, he's everything I've ever needed in another human being.

Speaking of Final Fantasy X, the HD edition is fantastic but I'm a bit disappointed the X-2 is pretty much just a port. Oh well. The weird thing is I'm clearing through it so much faster than I did ten years ago. Sometimes I go through three bosses in one evening like it's nothing, whereas when I first played it all those years ago some bosses could take me months.

In other news the new series of Doctor Who starts this weekend, there's a small comic con near me next weekend and after that I have two months to make costumes for London Comic Con.

Oh, and I tried reading The Fault In Our Stars. I got really annoyed with the main character and didn't bother finishing it. There's lots of people going on about how sad it is, and I'm sure the ending with be dramatically depressing. I'd feel bad, but the main character is ridiculously mean about anyone who isn't dying/feeling bad.


100 Happy Days
posted 7/9/2014 3:58:57 PM

I'm taking the challenge.

More information here: Link

Follow me on Twitter to see if I succeed: Link

In other news, I have some games leftover from Humble Bundles that I'm looking to give away. I've not decided how I'll be giving them away, but I'm welcome to suggestions.

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