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Playthrough of my games with friends
posted 12/31/2010 1:13:55 PM

Hey everyone

So i had started posting videos of me and my friends doing complete playthroughs of many games we have gotten pretty far so far playing both left 4 dead 2 and borderlands and soon ill be uploading mass effect playthrough on my own 1st one then ill be doing mass effect 2 i hope you guys and girls find me interesting here's my channel


L4D2: 100% (need to upload them all)
Borderlands: 30%
MassEffect1: 20%


The Download Cap
posted 10/19/2009 7:30:28 AM

To this day im still wondering why they came up with this if you dont know what it is its like a cap on a bottle once you have put everything you can fit in the bottle they put the lid on it and you have to wait till the end of the month to empty the bottle.

I have many speculations on why they did this

1. Stopping pirates
2. overuse of servers
3. more money for them

the fact that the internet cap exists means they cant stop pirates or know how to stop them but for them it means more money by giving you options on how fast and how much you can make your internet.

The bigger internet plans are obvious signs of this take this i have a 40gb/60gb download limit i fill this up with whatever a 17 year old can (im not going to say for obvious reasons) but when i fill this up i have a problem beacuse once the cap is overflowing they cut the speed in which you can do things from Adsl+2 to just above dialup speeds about 7-10 kb's.

Once they realised that people cant be trusted on the internet back when broadband came out they made the internet cap if you had a bottomless bottle but a slow hand you would want to upgrade to the more costly but faster connection so they kept going with this slowly jacking up the prices.

but with all this comes freedom i know that many countries *cough* china *cough* want to stop or filter what their people see. It nearly happend here but the minister of communication was swamped with dont do that letters and emails.

I know that this world isnt perfect and that not just these factors influenced the download cap there are alot more but the day we had to start paying to talk to each other was the day we lost a little more humanity.

thanks for reading


Smart people and thecomputer illiterate
posted 10/18/2009 8:52:35 AM

It seems people that dont know how to use computers anymore are getting increasingly dumber i can understand mac people they dont have enough time to play games beacuse they have full time jobs and not a second to spare to only check their email and i guess keep track of things.

But the problem is when you hand these people a pc they will more or less think that once you have a computer you can use that one for life and they will wonder why its so slow with modern day technology.

Take my sisters friend for example she bought her computer 3 years ago it has a 2.1ghz cpu with 128 mb's of ram and a 64mb graphics card now thats fine for windows xp but when she got my sister to ask me if she can put windows vista on there using aero i almost cracked my head on the floor from falling foward.

Whats worse it trying to talk to these people to get them to update their computer from the dark ages to today they just simply wont have it its like the plague to them.

Another case is the people who dont read sysreq or know what theyre buying my grandma bought unwittingly a $300 box that said excalibur on the front so she thought it was a game she called my mum who is a very pc literate person she taught me alot about computers.

Anyway we went to her house to help her install it our jaws dropped and we nearly laughed our asses off it turns out she bought a graphics card and didnt know it was one.

There is also another type of people the internet tards which we all know alot about these people dont know how to use the internet and get 30 billion viruses in a minute for various reasons joke sites, porn the list goes on beacuse they dont know what theyre doing.

Like one day my friend asked me to help him with the family computer beacuse its dead slow i set about installing ccleaner ad-aware etc finding literally thousands of viruses, trojans, keyloggers it turns out his younger sister likes jokes.

Im sick and tired of people asking me to help their computers beacuse they dont know how to use it and dont get me started on schools anyway thankyou for reading.


Bumper threads
posted 10/17/2009 9:36:52 AM

i'm getting sick and tired of so many people just signing up not reading the rules and bumping upto 3 year old topics beacuse 1. they either didnt read the rules or 2. didnt care and usually the OP is inactive or doesnt care for the thing they posted.

We should have a report for bumping topics or put a lock on topics more than 1 month old with no replys on them.

Or if we had Bump Moderators someone elected by the people for the people someone who has absolutely no life and can come on here everyday and look at the recently updated topics then give a warning when nescesarry.

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