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It's the most wonderful time of the...
posted 12/12/2013 3:31:16 AM


Link Powerful stuff, man.

I have to write something like 20-25 pages worth of essays for finals this semester. I'm currently on page 7 of a Paradise Lost/Paradise Regained essay.

Not to mention the two creative projects, and the presentations where I have to show that I learned things. Oh, and two actual tests too.

I'm feeling all kinds of things. Much more of this and I'll start to understand the makings of the universe itself.

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Pokemon XY
posted 12/10/2013 12:33:24 AM

I noticed there isn't a message board for them....

So I'll just post here. My safari is Rock type - Magcargo, Barbaracle, and Nosepass. Pretty lame, honestly. I do have a team ready for battles. It's nothing special, but it's done quite well against most of my friends considering how little effort I put into it.


Available for trade: 3-5Iv Eevees, Timid or Bold.
3-5Iv Scythers, Adamant with Technician.
I do have some other stuff, but these are the two that I can easily breed more of. Oh, and I have a shiny Simipour too. I got it for one of the Scythers. It's pretty lame, honestly. Comes with a Water Stone, however.

Also, happy birthday, Dhamps.


D&D Adventures with Insom and Fault2k!
posted 8/11/2013 8:03:32 PM

In this situation, we were in the middle of combat with a crazy old bard and his pet panther.

Cavalier player: "I'd like to try some diplomacy."
Dungeon Master (Insom): "Is diplomacy the name of your lance?"
Orc Player (Fault): "I think that's a hint..."

I retuned his lute and the cheeky bastard got a sneak attack off on me with his masterwork short sword. About a minute later, Delkaz/our Barbarian Orc/Fault embedded his axe into the panther, then picked up the panther on his axe and swung it around at the bard. The following turn, our Necromancer Dwarf reanimated it. The bard wasn't too happy about any of this.


I played DnD with Insomniac.
posted 7/5/2013 1:05:30 AM

And Fault2k. And another dude I don't know. And Insomniac's fiance. It was really fun. We got a lot of stuff done. A lot of stuff. Like, alot.

It was pretty awesome. Don't tell Insom, (and if you're reading this, Insom, omit this from your memory) but I feel like we weren't getting enough experience and we got way too many items over the session. Our first session was something like 5 hours long and we only hit level 2 by the end. On top of that, we got quite a bit of loot. I'll admit that I got the best of the loot because I'm the only dedicated Archer, but still. By the end of the session, I traded out my beginning shortbow for a Composite Longbow that we pulled off a Bandit Leader. Then, not much later I got a Masterwork Longbow and six +1 Animal Bane arrows. So now I'm walking around with two *****ing bows.

I'm not mad, but I feel like it should be balanced a bit. I'm a bard, but I'll be transitioning into the Arcane Archer prestige class as soon as possible (level 6).

Fault went a bit crazy in one fight... He's playing a Barbarian Orc. He crushed a dude with a fallen tree. Literally crushed him. Insom, our Dm, described him as red paint after the log fell. It was already toppled over, and he rolled it over onto the guy, but still. It was pretty badass.

Last thought of the blog: I think I'm in love with my Assistant Manager. She's a fox, we talked about video games for 3 hours today during our shift, and she let me go home early.

Oh, and I started playing Wakfu again. I'm certain none of you play, but you may have heard of the anime. CHECK IT OUT.


I got a new job.
posted 6/22/2013 6:56:57 PM

So, I just got a new job recently at Aaron Brother's Framing store. We mainly deal in framing paintings, pictures, and whatever else will hang on a wall, but we also sell some paint supplies too. We're a sister company to Michael's Art supply. Anyway, one of my coworkers was teaching me how to do the actual framing of a painting. We were at the point in which you have to remove the glass, and, believe it or not, the best/fastest way to do so is by simply pushing it out with your hands. While I was doing this, my coworker said, "It's totally fine it you want to wear gloves while working with the glass. I don't know about you, but my day usually takes a turn for the worse when I cut myself."

I replied, "that's funny because usually my day has already gone downhill if I'm cutting myself."

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