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Jobs, bronies and anime.
posted 4/26/2012 9:35:04 PM

So, first off, I've got a job. Yay. Working events around Austin for a Chiropractor.

I've recently gotten into the whole My Little Pony thing. It's a good show. Can't say much for some of the fans of the show, but I've been a furry for almost 15 years now, so it's nothing new to me.

Finally: Anyone in Austin and going to Anime Overload in July, I'll be set up there, like I was at IKKiCON. Look for Jim the Massage Guy in the sponsor's area of the dealer's room.


Vote Zio
posted 10/21/2011 3:50:22 AM


posted 12/31/2010 12:15:26 AM

So, as of tomorrow, I will have been an unlimited member of Cheat Happens for 4 years. That's a long time to be a member of anything. I'm going to do a quick recap of major events that happened to me since I joined.

- I got a better computer. It then broke, and was replaced with an even better one.

- My girlfriend became just a roommate. She then moved out to her own place 2 years later.

- I started school to become a massage therapist. I finished school, got my NY license, and then my national.

- I went to 2 furry cons, doing massage at both.

- I moved to Texas and got my Texas License for Massage.

- I got hired at Massage Envy, and was quickly made the Primary Offsite Massage Therapist. (Yay me!)

- I discovered League of Legends, and have since been addicted.

- I have downloaded over 50 trainers from CH. Probably near 100, but that might be pushing it.

- I have purchased nearly $5000 dollars worth of games, systems, or accessories, including systems and peripherals.

- I have joined F-list, started 3 groups, and became a room moderator.

- I re-joined, and subsequently left Furcadia (again).

- I have joined -=UGF=- gaming clan. It then dissolved, and I have not joined any other. I now use the GUNS TS3 server with many other former UGF.

- I have gotten seriously into politics, since the untimely death of Tim Russert until today.

- I have wasted WELL over 10,000 hours arguing with Progressive Liberals about politics.

- I have joined NetFlix. With that, I've finished watching Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Stargate SG1, Lie To Me (season 1-2), and over 50 movies.

Edit: More things that came up.

- I have purchased an iPod and a Laptop with my own money, in cash from tips from work.

- I lost my grandmother (Feb, 07.)

- I lost my youngest cat (Oct, 10)

- I have made $2293.50 in cash tips in 2010 alone.

- I put well over 40,000 miles on my car.

- I purchased my very first commissioned piece of art.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sure more will come to me later, and I'll probably add it then.

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Bullsh*t of the year Award
posted 11/16/2010 10:34:51 AM

Y'all ready for my Bullsh*t of the Year Award? It goes to Ubisoft.

So, I've been looking forward to Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood for a few months now. Its release date is November 16th (today). I went to a midnight release of the game, and found out that the PC version of the game was delayed... until the 22nd... of FEBRUARY! PS3 and 360 still get theirs today.

3 f*cking months! Oh, and they only made that decision about 3 days before the release date. If there's an issue, you can release a PATCH for the PC games! It's not that hard, and in fact easier than the console games to fix!

This is just another step in Ubisoft's Anti-PC Gaming campaign. I'm serious about that, too. There are quotes from many Ubisoft higher-ups that say things like "No one plays games on the PC anymore" and "The only good games are on console these days." Ubisoft is also notorious for not supporting it's games after release. I've not had to deal with it, but from what I've heard, their costumer service leaves something to be desired, too.

I'm tempted to boycott them all together at this point. They've shafted me on too many things. Between horrible PC ports (Prince of Persia), no support for the games (HAWX), and this sh*t today. If Ubisoft really wants to stop making PC games, then I'm not going to buy them. Stick to your console only, and see how much of an impact on your sales it makes.

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Why not.
posted 11/2/2010 10:31:04 AM

Announcer: We now bring you to the first part of 2012 presidential debates. Lashiec and his running mate Zio, for the newly renamed Algo Party, are up against Jenova and Sephiroth for the newly renamed Cetra Party. First up, Mr. Lashiec-

Lashiec: That's KING Lashiec. I worked so hard for that title.

Announcer: Ah yes, sorry. 'King' Lashiec, what are you qualifications to run for the presidency?

Lashiec: I am over 2000 years old, and have kept my castle and my body alive with the power of hatred for those that oppose me just so I can crush them!

Announcer: Well, that certainly qualifies you for congress, but what about the presidency?

Lashiec: Oh, yes. Well, I sold my soul to the ultimate evil, Dark Force, so that I may rule my kingdom through fear and power. I also sold out my own people just so I could stay in power eternally.

Announcer: I see Madam Jenova will be having a hard time competing with such qualifications. And what of your running mate, Mr. Zio-

Zio: That's Zio The Holy One. I worked so hard for that title.

Announcer: Or for the love of... Moving on! We go to Miss Jenova and her.... son... Sephiroth. *pauses to be corrected. When isn't, continues* How do you qualify for president?

Sephiroth: As Mother has no head, I will be speaking for her.

Announcer: I see no issue with a candidate not speaking for themself. Happens all the time. Continue, Mr. Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: Mother is qualified as she is also over 2000 years old, and was one of the original rulers of the planet. She has remained alive through the hatred of the traitors to the Cetra that aided in the destruction of her people.

Announcer: This of course is why she has been so successful in the Senate. What of her presidential platform?

Sephiroth: Mother will work to rid this world of the traitors, and then she and I will ride it through the darkness of space. *Voice grows louder, and fanatical* We will reclaim the world as our own and continue the reign of the Cetra. We will then find a new world to populate and claim as our own!

Announcer: I see, so you plan to run on an expansionist platform.

Lashiec: I'm sorry, but I've heard some debate that Jenova isn't actually an ancient, or 'Cetra' as you will, but the actual reason that they all were wiped out! You run on a lie!

Sephiroth: Big talk coming from someone who bows to a foreign power!

Lashiec: Dark Force is not a foreign power, but a GOD!

Announcer: We all know the religious believes the Algo Party has come to embrace. We all remember the heated argument Zio... the holy one... got for his proposal to introduce petrification as a form of corporal punishment.

Sephiroth: It's completely absurd. Simply burning everyone in a purifying conflagration is much more efficient.

Lashiec: I do hate to say it, but I agree with my opponent on this issue. Petrification is too easy to cure, what with Alshline potions and golden needles laying around everywhere. Death by Dark Wave is the only way to-

*An explosion rips open the auditorium doors, and in steps two groups of people, armed with swords, staves and a few guns.* Chaz: We're here to stop this! These people are frauds! They don't represent the true people of the worlds!

Announcer: *now hiding behind his desk as a fight breaks out between the new comers and the candidates* I'm afraid I will have to continue our coverage of the debate at a later time. The protest group know as the Tea... sorry, the 'Protagonist' Party has crashed the debate and is now fighting our candidates for the freedom of everyone, living and dead. *Camera goes to static as a fireball hits it* Hey! Damn heroes, watch where you throw those! This is expensive equipment!

- By Xavier Price.

Sorry, AUTHOR Xavier Price. I worked so hard to get that title.

(It was really said.)

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