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Dun dun dunnn
posted 1/5/2009 10:40:30 PM

I forgot to tell you all that i got married in September last year!!
Went to England for a holiday. Yeapp, decided to not make our living there.
i found out 2day im pregnant! yey my husband and i can raise a family together once and for all. Jesus its so quick. I remember years and years ago when i was 17 or 18 i think, i didn't want to raise a family of my own since i thought i wasn't responsible enough
I'm getting there tho...........

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CHU in Japanese
posted 1/5/2009 12:02:43 AM

"Chiatsu Happonzu" right?


Mathematics time!
posted 5/27/2008 2:00:24 AM

Maths means,'let out your brain power!' its time to show me and prove that you also are capable of answering these short math questions. Only 3 short and simple questions will be asked. IT IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT TO SHOW YOUR WORKINGS OUT!

Question 1.

There are three garden beds.

A triangular garden bed has the dimensions:
Length = 8m
Height = 6m
Base = 10m

A circular garden bed has a diameter of 6m.

A rectangular garden bed has the dimensions:
Length = 16m
Width = 11m

The garden beds will use bricks along all the edges, and will be planted with grass. Each will be edged with a row of bricks. Each brick is 0.24 m long (forget about the mortar between the bricks).

How many bricks will be needed to make edges for all three garden beds?

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posted 5/20/2008 1:33:58 AM

Me and my partner were just thinking that we should move to England after our marriage (which is coming very shortly).

It'd be lovely if i can get all of your opinions towards this if its a great idea or not.


I'm an Addict...
posted 12/15/2007 5:52:12 PM

I was really sceptic about it at first (using a stylus for EVERYTHING? mrh) buut I decided to borrow it from my friend James (SPIZ DIZZLE)....and now I'm hooked.

It's fun. Really.

Aanyway, I went to his place on Sunday...it was fun. o3o We played with my Maplestory iTCG cards, which was awesome but we started cracking up laughing towards the end of our game for NO REASON AT ALL. So...I don't think we finished it, but I would have won. By a mile.
And then we played PBR (Pokemon Battle Revolution) on the Wii, and I totally owned him x3 The only time he beat me was in a mixed battle, and he beat me with my own Alakazam. But choochooo~

Then we played Maplestory..and I got ripped off 17 million XD But who cares...~

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