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New Job.... but
posted 3/16/2014 11:55:30 AM

So after my contract was finished with Bioware, I had to look for work and I did find a place which I start tomorrow, which is on the phones as a CSR (customer service relations).

In the middle of last week I had to watch my nephew because he was ill, he had a terrible rash and a raspy throat infection. Which decided to rear its ugly head onto my throat as I slept last night, 1 day before I start my first day.

Isn't life fun!


Spy vs Spy on the Radio
posted 2/22/2014 9:01:49 AM

I have this thing where I like to find and listen to numbers stations, where encrypted orders are sent to spies in numerical form.

It is amazing, when you watch movies like the Bond movies etc, you nonchalantly think good story and so forth, but the reality is - it does happen.

And it has been more so lately, usually the Russians and British give out null transmissions, where there is no orders, but recently with everything in the Ukraine going mental, they are going nuts on the orders.

S06s a Russian numbers station is based in Ukraine (believed) and wow that thing was on overdrive, the usual frequency used for their transmission is now overrun by agents morse coding the hell out of the signal, they are actually having conversations in code with each other.

Still you would be amazed by the way they give out info.

Not only in morse or numbers, but also noise. Polytone stations exist also.

Anyways, here is a free online radio tuner, it is great for picking up the numbers stations on shortwave (LSB and USB, and rarely AM bandwiths). Link

And here is a known schedule of broadcasts


Maybe one day I will share the day I spooked the hell out of 4chan pretending to be talking to agents, what was more awesome was the words I was using coincided with an unforseen event when that plane was hijacked by the Ethiopian co-pilot. People were starting to get scary, until I mucked it up :P

But here is a recording a made a few days ago (the first site I linked can record also for you ) its from a Poland based MI5 British numbers station - E11 (or commonly known as "Oblique" among HAM enthusiasts). Link

If this piques your interests some what, have a listen to recordings old and new from the conet project. Link

Have fun.

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Dat time when.....
posted 1/24/2014 12:19:01 PM

People are impatient and angry about lack of updates for a game still in Alpha stage, to the point they make petitions and post in everyone's posts on Facebook to try and garner support.

Then when you post why its probably not a good idea to annoy the developers (which is a husband and wife team so time to develop it fully will be slow), and that it may have the negative effect and force them not to bother continuing development. They come out and rage post.

You then reply in a professional manner and be courteous to them, they rage even more.

And then tell you in all that you know nothing about the subject in hand and blah de blah..

That feeling when....

You tell them you do have experience in the matter at hand.

Nothing greater in the world.....

Well maybe Chicken Tikka Masala when done correctly.


For the lulz


I dare anyone to do this, ANYONE, but not me, not when the sides are so shallow, you could start weaving side to side and get catapulted out lol

I like how its extra width for the fatties.

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Trolling 4channers to the max
posted 11/25/2013 7:17:52 PM

Putting in a link to a pastebin page that gives a well known winrar key to people who will no doubt use it instead of buying it.

The "feels" when people get caught left right and centre when using Winrar 5.00 or higher which reports home with your IP addy and route to Winrar server.

The even more "feels" when ISP give their parents a call to tell them their kids have been naughty, and the subsequent billing from Rarlabs.

Makes me feel good to be part of doing good for the common man!


Time to annoy people....
posted 11/20/2013 11:33:28 AM

Find some nice places with some nice forum posts on different sites, preferably with nice scenic pictures being posted and say

"Holy cr­ap what Skyrim mod is that?"

We must get this noticed, and let it become a meme or something!

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