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Deafeating MaGruder and the benefits
posted 11/13/2012 10:20:26 AM

To defeat MaGruder, first what you'll need is ammo and lots of it. (to find unlimited ammo go to dodge city then find where the buffalo are when you were fighting with the Indians against MaGruders militia and find the house. Then go into the mine and go around the minecarts, carry the TNT to the house and set it in the far left side then shoot it.) Now, back to business, When hes walking around using that crap shotgun on you best to stay behind cover. Peek out and either throw dynamite or shoot a dynamite arrow at the steaming areas in the ground. Wait until he walks over them the throw or shoot. Best to throw or shoot early.

When you've peeked out to the point where you've emptied your flask look around for others. It's best to shoot some dynatmite arrows then run for it while he can't shoot you, then get back to cover as quickly as possible. When he is dead and you move on to the second part where he is up on top of the rocks, crouch down and move to the rocks on his right. Be careful though if you move around to much it will trigger something and some of his men will come.
In between his shots, use the rifle and pop him a good one in his face. (More fun than you know.) When he yells AGH and is about to throw the massive dynamite pack, its best to pull quickdraw right after you shoot him which gives you ample time to take out the dynamite. Be sure to shoot it when its over his head. After two or three times of successful shooting its over and you've won! Congratgulations! So if you have any other questions let me know


How to defeat hollister and reed easy
posted 10/12/2012 9:49:11 PM

At first i was extremely angry bet you all were to. To defeat Hollister hide behind the apache boat until you have him on the east or west side so every time you shoot at him he dives behind cover but really just moves up against the boat. keep doing this until hes dead...for the next part where he stuffs himself with dynamite...wasteful...just run from him...pick up some sniper ammo if you dont have any up by the overhanging rock. Try to leave some horses from McGruders riders for following Reed. When it starts wait for him to go up the ramp and to the right then strafe left and back until tou can see him and snipe him once or twice if you can in the head. He should move behind a rock that you can still see him from even though he will still shoot at you. Aim for his ugly face. when he runs to where you can't see him pull out your rifle and get some more flasks if need be. make sure enough rifle ammo. get on a horse and run at him because he will gain health. get close and keep shooting at his head with the rifle. when he goes back up the ramp go to the same spot you were at the beginning and snipe him in the head. if he is almost dead you can either try to pick him off with the sniper or rifle but i jumped on a horse and quickdrawed him to very little health then shotgunned him off his horse. (may have to be repeated dont get discouraged quite yet. dont forget to load up on snacks!
Hope this was helpful thanks guys! Btw if this was harsh flames or bashes against anybody im sorry not intended trying to help

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