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did not see the game
posted 10/10/2012 9:25:58 PM

Xiao Han to give up, Nfl jerseys cheap£¨discouraged. He understands ancient founding of what kind of person, he would have seen him wait to see their own, if he intentionally bringing her hide, not to find, do not let his daughter find themselves, then, the ancient Han Yue certain not still Sakon.
Finally, Xiao Han touched the phone, set aside the ancient Han Yue home phone number. This number, he has long been known, but has never played, this time, the fight is also to die.
The bell rang for a long time, but always no answer. Xiao Han Fengliaoyiban dial again and again, finally, the phone came no longer is a busy signal, the sound of a strange middle-aged women pass over: "old house, I ask you who to turn to?"
"Ancient Han Yue in it?" Xiao Han almost cried, quickly asked.
"Who are you?" Woman asked very vigilant.
"I was her classmate, aunt." Do not know who is the opposite, and Xiao Han etiquette not lost.
"Miss is not" a woman's voice suddenly cooled.
"Can you tell me where she went?" Xiao Han estimates that the other side should be the ancient Han Yue home nanny, is definitely an insider, then added quickly.
Abroad with her parents to go. "Impatient woman, either do not know who the other is, she would have to hang up the phone, stew soup kitchen it.
"Then you can tell me, where'd she go country?" Xiao Han a cool mind, shivering Road.
"No way." The woman unceremoniously rebuffed Road. The Lady Pro out the door, but explained to Miss whereabouts, especially her classmates, and must not be disclosed to anyone. Mrs. although did not say what the students, Nfl jerseys china£¨but the woman still try to be smart guess, definitely male students chanting Otherwise Ho As to send such a small girl abroad?
Xiao Han sighed a breath, and knew that she can not find anything, just about to say goodbye, suddenly remembered something, rather abruptly asked: "Who to go with them?"
"Master Yang Xi Bai, who else." The woman said to put down the phone, fast paste pot, she did not bother with such a dubious young age not to learn, ganging up people girl little ruffian say more. Young Master is shining on each will be cordial with direct say hello, the holidays also sealed envelopes, considered what this unknown kid? As early as possible to give up hope, too far gone to go.
Really the case!
Xiao Han slumped threw the phone on the seat next to, for a time, did not know what to do to do.
To sit in the car the sunset, Xiao Han eventually went back to school, back to the playground, back to sinking under the tree.
"You just leave it?" Xiao Han powerless against the always the ancient Han Yue rely on the place, miss, as the tide come and go, the pain, such as ravines, ten thousand, one thousand, thousand years can never erase.
Once eachother, once the tenderness and affection, shred, have turned into little by little, silent spilled.
9:43, twenty-one assists, Cheap authentic jerseys£¨thirteen rebounds, 10 steals, as well as four blocked shots, Xiao Han with a super four pairs of magnificent engraved in the hearts of the people of the whole country deep an impression except her.
But may even she did not see the game, right? This is what?
The ancient Han Yue, you go there?
The so-called Iraqi people, in the water side. But this water, what and where?
Yangtze River? Yellow River? Rhine? Danube? Mississippi River? Amazon River? Very unlikely Nile right?
The first day, Saturday, Xiao Han did not join the team, even the Luo Hao did not know him right where.
The next day, Sunday, Xiao Han is not training with the team, his family is still only the Zhuang Ningxue a person.
Moment, Wholesale nfl jerseys£¨Xiao Han is sitting Goyang-only caf®¶ and Sam Young were ocean accompanied Sam Yang finally Xiao Han outside the home and so the whole night after nine o'clock. and more until the parking ready in the convenience store to buy bread stomach Tian Tian Xiao Han.

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