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Why me though?
posted 4/16/2013 5:24:31 AM

Had my new subaru WRX Impreza for a month, radiator fails causing instant overheat and a blown head gasket + damaged (if not destroyed) cylinder heads + noticeable block damage.

$6,000 for a new engine. Eh, no biggie..


Headset on the way
posted 4/14/2013 6:42:14 AM

I have recently been getting back into Call Of Duty MW3 and i have picked it up pretty much exactly where i left off if not even better in terms of skill.
The average game fr me consists of roughly 30 kills to 4-9 deaths and i am only third prestige in. Said outcome is with a sub-machine gun, while quickscoping i will earn anywhere between 15-30 kills to 5-20 deaths.

Friday gone i bought the Turtle Beach P11 gaming headset on ebay from the next state over so it will more than likely arrive tomorrow. Very eager to experience the footsteps and see if it increases my ratio and if so, how much.
Having high-quality audio along with the PS3 running 1080p on my 46" led lcd hdtv is a thought that excites me thoroughly.

So yes, watch this space for the outcome.

ALSO; for anyone who plays the game, i will be submitting an MW3 Quickscoping guide this week for PS3 so be sure to check that out too, maybe give it a rate.
*Cough cough 5 or nothing, cough*


Old Skool Gaming
posted 6/27/2012 5:28:11 AM

Definately just bought the 4-disc Age Of Empires collectors edition pack for PC from eBay.
For $8.50!!

Nostalgic gaming from 7 years ago, here i come..


Haven't done THIS in a while..
posted 6/20/2012 4:34:01 AM

Wow, has it really been that long since my last blog?
I guess a bit of an update wouldn't hurt.

Ended up getting the job as an apprentice heavy metal engineer and im currently half way through my 2nd year, won the NSW apprentice of the year award in my first year. Already have several certs for the big bucks, including Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc welding which is my key to the pressure welding tickets.. Striving for my inspirational teacher's ridiculous income of anywhere between $155,000-450,000 p.a. due to the small amount of welders with such qualifications.. You seen right. No, im not bull****ting.

Been with the lady for 3 years on the 31st of August, pretty needless to say im looking forward to that holiday heh.
She is also going very well moving into management of her retail job while also running her own Body Shop At Home business AND doing a make up course + waxing course + tanning course.
Girl's got drive to say the least. Very proud.
May even share a (G-rated) photo of her.

Whenever i get a spare hour or two it's a great mix of relaxation and gaming nostalgia for me, recently moving from playing COD3 to GT5.
Finding the online GT5 experience pretty fun i must say, i like hosting drag rooms and occasionally helping guys out with set-ups for the 1/4 mile.
Also, call it what you will but i find it amusing when i get youngins whining at me and demanding my drag tunes or even going one better and being like "WHAY IS YOUR CAR FASTER THAN MINE? YOUR A ****ING HACKER!!"
Righto mate. /himinmyroom

Pretty much all i've got off the top of my head at the moment so yeah.. I guess i should try avoiding an awkward ending to my splurge of personal info to people i don't physically know.

Ok bye.


Too much for one blog..
posted 10/18/2010 10:03:44 PM

Not quite sure where to begin so i guess ill just blurb out whatever i think of as i go.... Always was quite good at that.

Ok lets see.....
Used to rock the 360 with Chingy ,the first game we ever competed in on XBL was PGR4... Some fond memories there.
Had our fair share of low blows hehe. Always were quite competitive in that way.
Two brains that combined knew just about all there was to know about cars.

Sold the Xbox 360 setup to my mate for 600 bucks (when there was just over $900 worth of gear) for a set of extractors for my car at the time, 5 spd commodore which ive had about 4 cars since then... So pretty much gave the 360 away.

Worked at a fruit market for a short while after leaving my job as an auto mechanic because my mind was elsewhere. (No not in fruit markets)
Currently trialing a job as a heavy metal fabricator/welder.
18 years of age, living with only my grandfather for almost 2 years now, paying half of everything it costs to own a house getting used to it because it will be mine to maintain by myself eventually.. Well with my girl anyway.

Had my holden for about 4 months now, '95 VS Acclaim very nice very clean and VERY quick, few small mods performance-wise to keep me ahead of pack, at least around here anyway.
Computer Chipped
Pro Ratchet Trans
Unique Panther-Mica paint job
(Absolute darkest shade of green, cant see any green at all unless in bright and direct sunlight)

Been with my girl for over a year now going strong, love her very much..

Quite rarely have a few hours of spare time on my hands inbetween working and general life, had a sudden craving of small-time gaming again..
Went out and spent like 60-70 bucks on a PS2 setup and grabbed some old-school games i used to play when i was 12-13 years old... Great memories..
NFSU1, MGS2, GTA, GT, Hell, even a few DBZ games..

Sooo yeah thats probably it for now..
Feel free to leave a comment or whatever, not too sure what someone might comment about but eh.


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