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Wakfu, anyone?
posted 9/10/2012 1:53:28 PM

Last January I stumbled upon a new MMO that came out at the end of February. It's got a lot of relatively new concepts that make the game worth checking out just to see them in action. The cool new ideas, at least they're new to me, are a player-run government, an eco system that relies completely on the players to survive, and a player-run market board.

The player-reliant ecosystem works completely how it sounds. Every area in the game that belongs to one of the four nations has an Npc as a leader of that system who is responsible for keeping the ecosystem's numbers in check. Every leader has a preset quota to keep their animals (mobs) and plants in between. For instance, in the beginner area, the only mobs present are the Gobballs. These Gobballs in question are expected to stay in between the population numbers of 80-200, if I remember correctly. If they're anywhere in-between these two numbers, then players are allowed free reign to do anything they wish to the mobs such as slaughter them, or stimulate their population however they see fit. However, if the numbers go beyond the limit in either direction, the players will lose Citizenship points according to what they're doing to the population. If the population of the Gobballs were at 70, for instance, then anyone trying to kill a gobball will lose citizenship points. On the other hand, if someone were trying to repopulate the Gobballs by spreading Gobball seeds, then they'd gain citizenship points. On the flip side, if the population was at 220, then someone on a Gobball massacre would be racking up citizenship points. The same system applies to Plants of all sorts, which includes crops, trees, and herbs. Mind you there are certain sections of the game that are void of this system such as the lands that are not owned by any nation.

Earlier I mentioned a player-run market place. Pretty self-explanatory. There are no Npc's that you can sell items to. You've got to either sell it to other players, keep it, or give it to a buddy. As for the moeny, the easiest way to get a large amount of it is to mine it. You use ores that you mine to craft the money itself. And there are different recipes for the higher level ores that you can get that are more cost-efficient. The lowest level recipe is 1 kama (the money) for 10 Iron Ores. The highest recipe is 6 Kamas for 3 Lead and 4 Manganese Ores.

As for the government, every two weeks the old government council is chucked out and elections are held for players to choose the next governor. The requirements for being in the election are having 1,000 citizenship points, which is a feat in itself-I'm only three levels under the level cap and I've only got 800 citizenship points, and the donation of 100 kamas -in game money- to the nation. Once the new governor is selected, he or she picks her council. Each person on the council has their own job, but more often than not some spend more time helping other council members as opposed to doing their own jobs. It sounds bad, but it's not often everyone on the council has something to do. For instance, when nations are at war, Governors can actually declare war on one of the other three nations apart from their own be it over territory or petty feuds, the Head Guard and Army General actually have stuff to do such as repel attackers and lead attacks themselves. During peace time, on the other hand, they haven't much to do. The indisputably hardest job on the council is that of the Ecologist. It's their job to keep the ecosystem, all aspects of it in every part of their nation, in check. This is a 24/7 job, so the entire government is usually recruited into helping out.

If you're interested in the wars I mentioned, I can a brief explanation on the attacks and whatnot. Each nation has a trade bridge where their markets are run. If some were feeling frisky, then they could travel to another nation and randomly agro players as they wish. You can agro people in your own nation of course, but this is a war. Why would you do that? This is where the Head Guard comes in. It's his job to stop these people, or, better yet, go to an enemy nation and agro them. The Army General also kind of shares this job. More specifically, the Army General is the guy people call when someone is running rampant in their own nation. When I was Army General I was called to kill an archer and am Ecaflip (a luck based class that utilizes crits) that had started going crazy on level 5s in the beginner zone.

The other part of warfare is simply going to another nation to mess up their economy. While I was Army General, our Head Guard and I went to an enemy nation, chopped down all their level 70+ trees, and replaced them with the most useless tree in the game that was only level 10. Moreover, we chopped down over 800 trees and replaced them with the fodder tree. Good times, good times.

Anyway, I think this game has a lot of potential and good ideas that should be implemented in other MMOs. Here's the game's main website if you're interested: Link My ign is Toasty (go figure). Pm me or comment below if you plan on playing or already play and want to get in contact with me. Oh, and the game is only 6 dollars a month. Very cheap as far as MMOs go.

Sorry for the wall of text. I tend to get carried away...

Oh, and I'm glad to be back.

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