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This might be verging on cheating
posted 8/23/2012 10:10:20 PM

But I'm writing an article on Alexander in Afghanistan. And I just drew that as a research topic in a grad course. I need to ask the professor if he considers it plagiarism to rip an entire published article that you yourself wrote.

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Conjoined twins
posted 8/9/2012 2:19:13 PM

So I read on Yahoo that those twins from Minnesota are getting a reality show where they try to use their college degree(s) and get a job.

You're really not very limited in job possibilities by being one half of a conjoined twin. Due to equality rules, pretty much any job needs to be able to be done by a person with missing limbs: and this would be no different than hiring two people missing limbs.

But the very logistics of hiring a set of conjoined twins begs the question.

First off, with college.

Do they have two college degrees or just one? Same major? If they had different majors, how did they manage to schedule classes for two students but one body? Then can they count that as two degrees on a single resume? How do you make sure they don't cheat on standardized exams, or share ideas on essay exams?

But how do you employ a set of conjoined twins?

Do they apply for the same job? And do you have to then pay them as two people for that one job?

Or do you find two jobs that can occupy the same desk? But then can you get away with paying them as one body?

What if you only hire one, and the other sits there and isn't bound by employee regulations; and can be a corporate spy?

Honestly, I think it's pretty brilliant to get one half of a pair of conjoined twins to be a corporate spy.

And what about incidental things?

Like do you give them two time cards? Or will one be sufficient for payroll to keep the books?

Do they get the sick days and vacation of two people? Or just one (lets face it, they literally can't be sick at different times)?

What about if you hire them to man a service desk; and because of this they have different break and lunch times?

They each control one arm and one leg; so what if they get in a fight and one prevents them from doing their work?

I can't wrap my head around this, but it makes me want to watch TLC.

But I don't have cable.


So I've been using my PS3...
posted 8/8/2012 7:43:00 AM

...for nothing but streaming Netflix.

The BluRay laser died and I don't want to pay $150 to Sony to get a refurbished model.

So it was sitting there for over a year, just doing Netflix.

Well, I decided I want to play hockey.

So, I'm going to replace the laser assembly.

Huzzah proactive solutions for modern inconveniences! (also known as #firstworldproblems)

EDIT: Also, I can't update my profile without triggering that server guard thing. Huzzah!


I'm in a new town, in a new state
posted 8/2/2012 6:57:42 PM

And I haven't made a blog in a very long time.

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