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Krater Review
posted 7/1/2012 6:07:39 AM

OK it has been a while since my last review. But Hamie and Boo say do one on Krater so here it is.

Story: During the third millennium most of earths population where killed in a storm of nuclear detonations, kinetic impacts, bio-weapon plagues and all consuming nano-swarms. An apocalyptic interstellar war colloquially known as the Untergang ravaged all worlds of man. Civilization collapsed and humanity on earth was brought to the brink of extinction. But mankind managed to survive. Centuries went by and a new earth emerged scarred by the devastation. The ancestors of the survivors formed a variety of primitive societies constantly warring for the limited resources available. The manifold causes and rapid chain of events of the Untergang, along with most history before it, fell into oblivion. Now the story catches me right away cause I am a fan of post-apocalyptic style games, old and new. It certainly reminds me of playing the original fallout games when I was young.

Game Play: Game play is pretty much straight forward, Extensive crafting (craft unique abilities, weapons and items) which is rather good allow you to boost your powers make better weapons to. Which is always a nice feature. Character persistence where both injuries and experience work in conjunction to evolve your team over time. I like how they did it as it is nicely done. Simultaneously control a squad of 3 characters chosen from 4 different main classes with a multitude of specializations. I love being able to customize my crew to the way I want other than being stuck with a set group of people. Preparing your team of Free diggers for the end-game and try to get as deep as you can into the main shaft, a dungeon crawler of massive proportions. Currently there is only Single player but multiplayer (which will arrive soon) A blend seamless with each other. Use your progress from the single player campaign in coop missions and the other way around.

Controls: Simple and easy to use. Point and click pretty much simple with hot keys from 1-9.

The Graphics: Graphics look good enough to me for an indie game no glitches that I can see with it.

Music: It actually go's well with the game I like even tho I mostly play my games with it off. But it dose go well.

Bugs and Glitches: As most of the players know that the game came out with a lot bugs. Which I do expect in any indie games. To many this is a negative but I have to agree that it can be rather frustrating. But the game makers are actively seeking them out and fixing them which is rather good to see in my books.

Reply Value: I see some replay value in this but not constant replay tho. Still fun to play again.

Overall: Story I love it is certainly good one in my books. Game play is just right in my books for the style of game. Combining fallout style and Diablo 3 style together. Controls are easy to use. Graphic's are good for an indie game. Music is good for the game and go's with it. This is bugs and glitches but they are being actively fixed. Replay it is there but not a game I would say to constantly replay. So my rating for this game will be 8 paws for this good game.

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