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posted 7/28/2012 6:56:19 PM

Welcome viewer to "Gaming News", brought to you live right here, from the OMGNOWAI Dome in Holland.

Today we would like to talk about Activision and Radical Entertainment's Prototype® 2, the sequel to the first open-world action game in which you play as a nigh-on invincible mutated killing machine. In Prototype® 2 however, you are just one of many in a huge ant hill filled with bugs!

Let's take a look at some wonderful comparisons!

Prototype 1 - Grab Enemies.
Prototype 2 - Grab Enemies and become frozen in place! Unable to move! Well, at least you've got a new disguise! That's what happens if you try to consume honest murderers! Bad James Heller!

Prototype 1 - Open the menu in less than a second!
Prototype 2 - Open the menu-- or not, thanks to the wonderful crash-or-don't® coin toss system! It's revolutionary~!

Prototype 1 - Watch cinematics!
Prototype 2 - Watch cinematics! If you skip them, the epic awesome super powerful crash-or-don't® coin toss enters the game! IF you're lucky, you MAY even get a super special one time only WHITE screen instead of a black one! Apparently the protagonist isn't the only one who changes colour! Ha-ha-ha, weeee are only joking of course~.

Prototype 1 - Decent graphics.
Prototype 2 - Good graphics, AWESOME effects in which everybody's shadow disappears whenever the game feels like it! Got a GPU that's better than the recommended requirements with up-to-date drivers? Don't worry! Prototype 2 makes sure that you ALWAYS get around 1-60 FPS AT RANDOM EVEN if you overclock or turn the settings to the lowest possible configuration! Unless you stare at the sky. Now that's dedication!

Prototype 1 - Mouse movement.
Prototype 2 - Introducing the all new Alcohol® effect! You'll actually feel like you're permanently drunk when your camera flies and stutters all over the place! You'll always be trying to walk in a straight line with little success! Just like when you're drunk! EVEN when you're not actually moving!

That's all for today folks! Tune in for more great gaming news later! Or maybe we won't air, we made our own air-or-don't® coin toss system for TV and Blogs!

See you next time!

Siriusly: Great game, love it, SOTY (Sandbox---) if it wasn't for all those BLOODY BUGS which force me to restart the game EVERY damnable 15 minutes. --__________--

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