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posted 6/30/2012 6:25:05 PM

Straight to it!

Haven't been up to much lately other than the usual work, hanging out with mates, and mucking about on the computer.

I am trying to stay in on weekends and save some money, going out usually costs me an arm and a leg.

I may be getting a new place with my best mate which would be cool and the rent would be $90 per week between us which is cheap as chips so we'd have plenty for food etc.

The place is pretty decent too, normally for a place like that it would be $200-$300 a week but knowing the right people does come in handy

So fingers crossed

Man its getting freezing here now really getting into winter, even with the sun shining now at midday I can feel the chill. I hope it snows again this year but who knows, the weather here is pretty unpredictable.

I've been watching DBZ from the start again too, I'm up to season four (Android saga), and as much as I love the show I am annoyed at some things in the 'Funimation' release I own. Mainly how Vegeta's voice changes in season four and just sounds stupid, and also some of the cool lines from when I watched it on TV have been changed and I wish they hadn't. Overall I have to say the Frieza saga is probably the best but my favourite characters are definitely in the Android saga (mainly Android 16).

Which brings me to something else - I am very keen to update my avatar & header but I do really love my current ones. The only thing that I would change to would be a sweet Android 16 one but I am too lazy to make one lol, its been a long time since I did anything creative (I don't even have the room to paint).

Maybe that'll be my next weekend project

Anyway thats enough about me, how is everyone?


I give up
posted 6/8/2012 5:07:18 PM

I am no longer going to buy new games.

Reason one: There's always a patch release, and its always huge. This may not be a problem for those in 1st world countries but here the internet sucks. Eg. I just purchased Pirates of Black Cove and it needs a 916mb download to play. At 30kb/s download speed its going to take forever. That's not even a big patch for these days either.

Reason two: Most new games suck. I can't find any with a really good story or really good game play. I don't care about graphics.

I think I'll just stick with what I've got, which is plenty at the moment.

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