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Good and bad, both!
posted 5/30/2012 6:50:08 PM

Finally, my exams reach to an end. Tomorrow afternoon, around 4, I will be giving my last exam.

European Integration course is the subject and will be four questions which I'll be answering in two hours; in from of essay.

Really got to do something about my sleeping cycle before it hits me with psychological and emotional side effects. Last time was so frustrating...

I've been cramming all day. From professor's note to the reference text book. I checked some online article and sources as well.

I know him, he is very tough with grading students. Specially, with guys. Mostly girls get away with him much easier than guys!

I don't know what happens but all I know is that I'm free. At least for 12 days.

I missed the gathering of our society because I was studying. I was supposed to be awarded with a certificate for conducting a seminar on energy security some months ago! I missed it. They called me and told it will be mailed.

I missed the crowed applause.


posted 5/27/2012 8:48:01 AM

I went to bed around 6 a.m. this morning and woke up finding myself completely distraught why I missed the whole day.

I think I set alarm for 1:30 so at least I could have half of my day.

Irregularity has become tremendously my irreconcilable part me that can't live with nor without it.

Admit it, I have grown a serious attachment to two stupid games on my iPhone, funzio Kingdom Age and Modern War. The latter is my mistress. I even bought 5 bucks worth of gold bar so I could get "indestructible" units!

There is a tournament to acquire backpacks and we can get some good units like Super Tank!

I know... Don't judge me!

I woke up with my neighbor's monstrous car stereo system beating the "Daddy Yankee - Pose" bass to the extreme making sure I ain't gonna be able "not to move" my body to the rhythm!

Here is it: Link


posted 5/26/2012 5:39:45 AM

My house-made got back to Philippines and left me with a new lady to clean my apartment who has a 2 or 3 year old kid following her everywhere she goes like a kitten.
And I'm not good with kids at all....

See, I'm not good with changes at all.


One more!
posted 5/24/2012 9:06:02 AM

In my last blog I thanked people who subscribed to my blog and suddenly I got one more!

No need to say I'd like that stream keep running!

Note: My cigars magazine is in charge once more. I feel at ease!


Kind of busy....
posted 5/22/2012 5:06:38 PM

Before I start I thank those two more people who got my number up from 63 to 65. Whoever you are, thanks!

My exams started from Monday.

The course was European Social and Economic Policy.

It was easy, I wrote about JHA and third pillar of Maastricht Treaty.

I got another one tomorrow. Foreign Policy analysis course. It's a bit more complicated and needs a bit of memorizing. There are some points you just to remember word by word.

I picked two topics to write my essay about them.

1. The Primacy of National Security and Security(Strategic) Studies.

2.Economic Statecraft.

I have two hours and and two essays to write. I'm a bit nervous about the timing. There are a lot of concepts and key ideas that I really need to cover and there is a brevity of time.

If I pass this one I'm left with three more but a lot much less complicated.

This course is the best of all my modules this semester.

To change of topic,...

I was listening to Alabama - Dixieland delight... Smoking my pipe, then my ex called me.

She sound down and very depressed. I thought she was happy with her new boyfriend - she's been changing quiet few after me.

I was mostly quiet, long pauses. Not purposefully, but I had nothing to say. Even when asked whether I'm doing good or not? I was reluctant to answer.... Maybe I'm not sure either.

That was the last thing I needed a night before my FPA exam.

Now, I see her everywhere I look at!

Why it gets so complicated and at the peak when you need a chamber to breathe it gets exacerbated.

You wannna bury the hatchet but still someone opens the jar of worms....

Damn you girl... Why now?

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