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Old games (and a few sequels)
posted 5/31/2012 9:24:53 AM

That "What was the first game you played" topic made me a wee bit nostalgic, I'm afraid...

My father happens to be the kind of dad that doesn't care about age ratings (especially back then, when you weren't able to cut someone's head off and kick it off a stairs) and even when I was really young, I never saw games as reality.


I only faintly remember this one, most notably the first part of the game where you have to escape the building within 30 seconds or so (which is impossible if you try), and you just hop out of the window. This game was quite advanced in the way you could aim at any part of an enemy's body to destroy it. Shooting a "human" enemy's face would reveal that it is in fact a robot, etc.

Maze of Gallious

Never got far in this game, because it was bloody hard. Play as the white knight or the pink knight and beat @%()@# hard bosses all over the place. Oh that stupid bone dragon/dinosaur... I'd probably have more success now because I was a bit too young back then. (Bad reflexes)

Metal Gear (1)

This one needs no introduction. WAY harder than the Solid games, it's more of a puzzle game than a sneaking game like it is now.

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

Same thing, only this one is even harder than the first (imo). I'm actually playing it again just for fun, and it sure is as tough as I remember it being.

Metal Gear Solid 1:

Now we're talking. MGS2 is my favorite but this one's a close second. Only 1 complaint: THAT! STUPID! PSYCHO! MANTIS!
Beat him by: Plugging the controller in slot 2 so he can't read your "mind", shoot the statues if you died once, or die again and he magically loses his ability to read your mind. I might be wrong on my last point as I'm typing from memory.
You know what's funny? I'm playing MGS1:Integral on PC right now (almost finished it again) but because I'm using the keyboard, that silly Mantis couldn't read my "mind" because he tries to read your controller (if any) so TAKE THAT CONSOLE GAMERS! *Evil Laugh*

Metal Gear Solid 2:

My favorite in the series. Kinda sucked that you don't play as Snake all the time, but the tanker mission was great. I won't go into MGS3 and 4, because I did play 3 but never finished it (for no special reason), and never played 4 because I don't have a PS3. *cries*

Zone of the Enders

Note: Above screenshot from the ZoE:HD Collection.
Great game, I never got to play The 2nd. Runner. =/

Act Raiser:

Fun game. Play as a small angel and build your own villages, then once you have enough people, you (the main char) enters a dungeon, beats the boss, and permanently frees that part of the world from demon, then you move on to the next part of the world. As you go, you unlock new god powers such as lightning, rain, etc. (Kind of like an ancient Black & White 2)

Lufia Rise of the Sinistrals:

Lufia! A very deep RPG for that time! Feed your own monster items to make him stronger, assemble a party and beat ludicrously hard puzzles, and all with a deep, involving story.
There is a... GBA(?) version of Lufia but let's just say it's not nearly as good as the SNES games.

Zelda: A link to the past

Gosh, I wonder what this is? Nobody here has ever heard of this before!

Well that's it for now. My memory isn't being very cooperative but maybe I'll continue this trip to memory lane some other time.


Setting up an FTP
posted 5/23/2012 3:47:09 PM

Whoops, looks like I called for help a bit too soon. Managed to get it working via a decent free program.

Yep, gonna check out Filezilla like Neo7 mentioned, but at least the basics are set up now. Thanks.

A local transfer speed of 21mb/sec! It may be only local, but still...!


Company of Heroes weekend!
posted 5/13/2012 4:30:20 PM

Woohoo! Company of Heroes + All expansions available on Steam for only 4,99. Made use of that in an instant.

For those that are interested:
It's only available with -80% off for 17 more hours from now, though.


Oh, on a side note, here's the current list of game OSTs.

#07 - Valkyria Chronicles II Championship Link
#08 - Disgaea - Planet X Link
#09 - Disgaea Spread your wings Link
#10 - Devil Survivor Challenging Fate Link
#11 - Grandia 2 Fight! Ver 1. Link
#12 - Monkey Island Theme Link
#13 - Phantom Brave The End of This Passionate Feeling Link
#14 - YS7 - Desert of Despair Link
#15 - YS7 - Palace of Reticent Lava Link

The last two are very good, imo... But you're the judge of that.
Oh, and I may have forgotten to keep track (no pun intended) of 1-6, but oh well lesson learned got it let's move on.


Playing GZDoom Co-op
posted 5/12/2012 9:26:19 AM

Just 2 screenshots of GZDoom coop with a bud, who has somehow become addicted to games like these (Heretic, Hexen, Duke) even though he hated them not too long ago. >_>

A lot of fun, if a bit messy with all the console and cvar commands involved.

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