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Grad school and sleeping!
posted 5/18/2012 9:09:08 AM

I'm finally an adult! Now I have to do adult-like things!

Great...22 years old already. So young but yet so old. I remember first moving to Ohio two years ago. Two years that just flew by. But this time next year I'll be joining the Navy.

Well I started graduate school for Criminal Justice about two weeks back. So far I really like it a lot. But there is a lot of reading to do in between classes. Although I do like the readings, sometimes it could get a little boring. Its just one class now. In three weeks this class will be over and I start two more classes for the next five weeks, then a few weeks after that the Fall semester will start and I will be taking four classes and three more for the Spring. This class is called Sociology of Crime and Delinquency, like I said I like it a lot. We are learning about social theories related to crime such as Merton's Strain Theory or Sutherland's theory of Differential Association. You probably have never heard of them before and I haven't before I started the class but it is all very interesting to study the patterns of crime.

Secondly, basically everyone I know is gone for the Summer. So its been quite boring these past few weeks, explaining my recent spike in activity.

For the past...maybe two months now I've been trying to make myself a "morning person". Right now my body is adjusted to wake up around 11 because last semester, my earliest class was 12:30 so I had no reason to wake up.

But there were a few times over the past two months or so that I actually did wake up early, (around 8 or 9) and go to the gym. I really liked doing that! Seriously it was great. Waking up early and not wasting my day. The only problem with this, is that I REALLY LIKE TO SLEEP. Its such a challenge to wake up early.

SO over the past two months I have been doing a variety of methods to get up earlier and get my body adjusted to wake up earlier, all of which have failed thus far. Examples of these are:

-Shock adjustment. Wake up early every day. This worked for about two days. Eventually I started to crash in the afternoon and around the third day it was nearly impossible for me to wake up early.

-Sleep earlier and wake up earlier. Well this did not work either since my body was not used to sleeping so early. This lasted for a few days.

-Gradual adjustment. This means just waking up a little earlier each day. I tried this multiple times with some success but I also attempted to give up coffee one time. About a week or so later, my body started to crash in afternoon, same as my first example and I eventually started sleeping in again. All the other times I tried this, I just went back to sleeping in again for whatever reason, probably because I love sleeping.

I'm not sure how many times I tried the above examples or what other methods I tried.

I think, though, the best way to achieve my goal is through gradual adjustment. However it takes a little more than a month of sleeping and waking at the same time for the body to fully adjust. So if I wake up 15 minutes earlier everyday it would take me about 20 days to get down to 6am and then a month or so of waking up at 6am everyday (maybe an hour or two later on the weekends). Once I do this...THEN I start to slowly cut back on the coffee.

I just need a reason to get up though since all my classes are at night and I am currently unemployed, living off my savings and student loans I do not have a reason. See I don't have a problem with waking up early at all if I have something to do. For example, on the day of my graduation I had to get up at 7am but did not get to bed until 4 or so hours before. I woke up just fine and was fine the entire day! My conclusion is that I am a lazy piece of ****!

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