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Use the idial time for something good!
posted 4/29/2014 2:35:57 AM - Am back on the Grid. Currently run tests for Maping Cancer Makers, The Clean Energy Project and Fight Aids. Do your part and join up use that computer time that you are not doing anything on it to something that is worth while!


posted 4/28/2014 10:12:22 AM

Opinions are an interesting creature. They come in many different shapes and forms. But they are then some that do not show themselfs to the world. They linger and lurk in shadows an darkness only poking out to leave a mark, with no reason as to why?

This is one of the most interesting creatures, but also one of the most annoying to. Because as it leaves no reason to why its mark is there it does not allow for interpration or even study as to its nature. To the mark left.

So the effect lingers like a tormenting sore on an infected body part. Not giving but constantly taking from the surrounding enviroment.

So still to this day opinions are a fasanating and annoying creature that lives in exsistance.

From the sane mind of an insane creature.


posted 4/16/2014 2:10:12 AM

Its time to stop cutting wellfare! Poverty is rising! No matter how the MP's stay things are getting better!

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The Ultimate Warrior is gone!
posted 4/12/2014 5:47:47 AM

But! His spirit and power lives on with his followers. I still can not believe such a powerfull man idolized by millions could be plucked out of exsistance. So quickly.

It kinda reminded me of the carrier ending match with Macho Man Randy Savage. When the Ultimate Warrior was talking to his gods. Is it my time to go. It looks like the Gods have answered him now.

It hurts to see people I idolize being taken so fast. In many ways I feel like going to. Just to be able to see them in the next world/life or place.

I know many people do not like Pro Wrestling but to me it was everything. That feel from the intro the them entering and the crowed going crazy. Seeing them do what they do. It was entertainment. But it was a sport to.

No matter what people say about it I know what it is and what I feel from it will never change!

Ultimate Warrior you are one of the best and always will be no matter what people say. I will miss you brother! and so will the millions who followed you.

RIP and may your gods smile on you.



RK Character Setup
posted 4/9/2014 8:57:55 AM

Adresse: 1 Elm Street,

Level 2

Job: Miller.

Propery: One wheat and one corn field.

On the 27/02/1461 Servius Sharp now known as Serviusthebear returned to Scotland and set up his new home in Girvan to start over again. He used to live in Wigtown which was just a little town back then but was the major trade spot. With the years passing it has now become the Capital City and main place in Galloway. He also used to live in Dumfries which was the Capital City where Clan Campbell lived which he used to be part of. But due to in fights he left and due to people dying or leaving the country Dumfries fell. So his old home is now Capital City of Galloway.

After he left Clan Campbell he left the country to Europe to be with his partner. Where they fought against Criminal Groups like the The ONE and many others. He also became a meat Barron to controlling the market and making profits on every turn! But over time they got lax and his partner with over confidence was struck with a mortal blow and could not recover. This took its tool on the bear so he decided to shut up shop and used all of his resources to get him back to his home Country.

But as he returned he learned his dear ol friend had died. He now tries to live his life as best as he can in hope's he will see his friend again when his time comes. (He is Father to an adopted girl named Clare.)

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