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Rage Quit for the first time ever
posted 4/6/2012 9:55:58 AM

I can not believe myself. I have for the first time ever. RAGE QUIT a game and that happened in The Darkness 2 at the Cow boy Shooting Gallery.

None of my shots were registering at all 20 attempts and nothing. Am like come on there on target what the So am totally not a happy bear camper or what the EVER!!!! GAH

*Flings something at the wall do not know what yet.*


posted 4/5/2012 2:40:59 PM

This is a hex edit cheat for those who do not wish to download a save game file. Follow what I say to the letter and you will be fine.

Three things you will need first are. Your windows calculator open on scientific view and a hex editor. Now I use XVI32 I find it easy enough to use. But if you have a preferred one it should be the same. (note never used any other Hex editors.) Oh and how many credits you have in your game. (Have that written down.) So we will use 9562.15 for this. (Also not it is best to have credits that has four digits, And Note back up your save file.)

So put your credits into your calculator without the (.) so it looks like this 956215 then click Hex and it will give you this E9737 (write yours down not mine). So open you hex program then open your save file via the hex program. Now you must add 0 in front of the hex code you have now so it looks like this 0E9737 (note your hex code will probably be different than mine).

Now find 0E9737 (note find your hex code) This code appears twice in the save file. Now you cant change the hex code to be bigger than it is. So if its 6 digits and you want to change it to 8 digits it will corrupt the save, so you can only change the 6 digits. Highest hex digit is F and the lowest being 0. Now the most we can do is change the code to FFFFFF which is 167772. So find the second set of your hex code as I said it appears twice.

After that you will now have more money to play with. If your code is 6 digits you will have 167772. If you have followed my instructions to the letter you will have successfully hacked your game. Oh when you make more money and your credits get bigger your hex should get bigger just Repeat but of course add extra F's to accommodate the extra digits.

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Sad moment but happy memories
posted 4/4/2012 2:34:23 PM

I was holding my cat Leia, well technically she was sitting on my big belly. Giving her some attention and telling her how she was such a good and clever girl and always has been. Even when she was just a little tiny kitten. I remembered the rest of them and how they past on. I been there for all of them.

Except my big red boy Aslan, I was there for him all his life except at the end. I just could not take it the lose was to much for me. I never cried so much in public before. Heck I say sorry for not being there every time I look at his little wooden ashes box. Heck am crying right now as I write this.

I feel so sorry for Leia I love her so much. But her little kittie family e.g. Aslan, Blondie, Jess and Dusty are all gone and she is alone. I know she forgets things cause she is old and she dose miss them. I wish I could have done something knew some way to keep them alive just a little longer but not in pain so she would have some cat company.

Am in more pain then I have ever been and I cant let it go. I deserve to be punished, I could not even save them. I know she will go at some point but I really do not know what I will do if she dose. I know its very expensive with vet fees but. I can not go with out a cat pet here. That one little soul that is always happy when you give it attention and happy when you feed it to see its eyes light up when outside....

If there truly was a kind and loving god he would not do this to good people! He truly would not! Not one who supposedly loves us.


On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness
posted 4/2/2012 10:49:27 PM

Penny Arcade Adventures - On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Walk Through
Guide by: ServiusTheBear®
Version 1.0
Date: 03/04/2012 17:55


1. Intro
2. Walk Through
2a. PART 01
2b. PART 02
2c. PART 03
2d. PART 04
2e. PART 05
2f. PART 06
2g. PART 07
2h. PART 08
3. Version History
4. Legal Stuff

1. Intro

Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is an episodic action-adventure video game series.
Based on the webcomic Penny Arcade. Penny Arcade Adventures is an adventure game which mixes 3D gameplay with 2D
interstitials and cinematics. The gameplay consists mostly of seek-and-find puzzles, reminiscent of adventure games,
where the player must collect items and return them to a character to advance the plot. They can also collect spare
robot parts to upgrade their weapons. Battles consist of a real time combat system similar to the ATB
(Active Time Battle) system of Final Fantasy Games, with context sensitive button presses reducing damage or being
used to carry out special attacks.

Now I have to say at this point it is not a game for children as there is alot of swearing in the game even tho it
is written based. So I would advise not letting children play this game. So with that said let us play.

2. Walk Through

This walkthrough is not spoiler-free, because that's absurd. It is to the best I can swear free, although the ****hole
is still called the ****hole. I may have missed some things. But this is really to complete the game e.g. story. If there is
something I have missed like the albums. Please feel free to mail me as to where they are and I can ammend my Walk Through.

2a. PART 01

Right once you have made your character and clicked the button. You are then sent whirling through the stylised, 1920's
night of a virgin New Arcadia.After some narration, you are treated to a short tutorial with even more narration.
Click on the rake, then click on the pile of leaves. You can not do anything else in this area. Now after witnessing
this bitter act cut scene. Click the Mailbox in the background. It contains Concept Art 1. If you like, hit the trash
can in the foreground, next to the two un-smashable ones. The contents are random, usually, although almost always a
bandage at this stage in the game.

Continue to move to the right, and you will meet two fruit-rapists. Yep fruit-rapists those poor fruits. Now follow the
instructions and you should have no problems killing them. You will gain 2 parts, vital both for weapon-upgrading oh and
for those who want to get everything. Now continue right and you will be drawn to the cat, Thomas Kemper. Click on him,
select dialogue options 3 and then 2, and he will join you. Click on the mailbox to unlock Album 1.

Move to the right once more, and observe the milk bottles. This shows you that hidden Fruit-lovers are in there,
so watch out for them, So click on these. After beating them, you will be awarded 3 parts, and some other junk,
maybe. Go across the street and click the mailbox to unlock Concept Art 2, then move on right through the level transition.
After passing a few houses, you'll be drawn to an orange tree. Grab the orange, then head right to face two more of those
lovely little robots. Use the orange to distract them and then destroy them. You should level up now, and gain a new
special move. You should also gain 2 more parts for upgrading.

The Mail outside the house after the orange tree holds Concept art 3. Move on and fight the 2 more robots. Cross the
transition and move past the school oh and pick up the two dorks standing by the footprint. Pick any dialogue you like.
Gabe inexplicably gains a new attack, while Tycho doesn't. Fight the next 3 Robots, You finish up with 3 extra parts.

Move to the right until you reach a gas station, and face the four Robots there. You will roll for initiative, which is
basically an excuse to give someone on either side a free headstart, You might wanna use fruit, because as you kill
them more rush in! After facing around six, an upgraded robot appears and has worse, status-inducing attacks.
Win 7 parts for your trouble. Now Head straight to Anne-Claires via the agency button, or move right to look for more
items from garbage cans and crates. After that go to Anna-Claires

2b. PART 02

Click on the painting above her window to unlock Concept Art 4. Click on the strange thing behind her, on the shelves to
the far right, and you'll unlock Album 3. Click her nightstand table to unlock Concept Art 5. Then talk to her about
everything. She'll will tell you to go to Hobo Alley so make your way there. Once there click on the red poster on the
smashed building to unlock Concept art 6. Then click on the bald man with the red beard nearby. Talk to him about everything.

Now head away from the camera into the background, and watch out for a wriggling travel trunk to the left of the road.
Now there are two robots and this time they have 90hp! Do not freek out. You can easily survive if you watch their health
bars for that tell-tale flash. If you see it, hit the space bar.Remember summon the Cat to waste a lot of time and charge
your moves a little more.

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