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Boom-chicka lucka lucka
posted 4/30/2012 2:46:33 AM

So lets do something different for me than the usual boring wall of text blogs

Post a comment - And I will pick a youtube video to match up with you through a specially devised formula I only just made up now and which is subject to instant change and mood swings.



Choo choo shoe
posted 4/25/2012 1:41:18 AM


So right into it

I went to the midnight first screening of 'The Avengers' last night (3D) and it was awesome.

The movie is really funny, myself and the 11 other people I went with (plus the whole cinema) were cracking up laughing a lot, so it gets top marks just for that

One of my many favourite parts were:

Loki: "You are beneath me mortal, I am a god" (something like that)
Hulk: *Smashes him into the ground 5-6 times*
Hulk: "Puny God"
Loki: *Faint whimper*

Plus its overloaded with super hero super stuff, having Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawk, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Agent Phil Coulson, and of course the bad guy - Loki.

The variety of characters gave them heaps to work with and they really went all the way with each one of them

Speaking of bad guys they were the only let down, and a bit of a mystery unfortunately (besides Loki who was not much improved from the movie Thor). Very generic, but adequate enough to not spoil the movie

The 3D was good for 3D (I don't normally like it) and there were a few moments where a lot of people jumped or got a fright
Downside: I found the 3D glasses uncomfortable after about an hour and still had another hour or so to go.

Before the movie we all played pool and a game of 10 pin bowling, and after I managed to squeeze in four hours sleep before going off to work lol but lucky its a public holiday so didn't have to do much at work today

In other news we are fostering kittens for the SPCA here

We just have to look after them until they are big enough to be adopted out

So far we are on our third one much to the disgust of our 17 year old cat lol

I was going to post a pic of one of the kittens which has a marking which makes it look like it has a moustache, but I am so lazy.

The current one we named Cupcake has been renamed to Monster as she gets this wild Tasmanian Devil look in her eyes and bares her teeth and attacks without mercy lol we are trying to teach her better though

Anyway thats about it


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