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Community Picture Time
posted 4/30/2012 10:41:28 PM

This is Bob. He is just a normal stick figure guy with nothing much going on. We should give him something to do.

Post here what you want Bob to wear/do/be surrounded by, and I'll draw it.


Bandwagon Blog: Results
posted 4/24/2012 11:14:07 AM

Here are the results of the previous blogs (Link) bandwagon:

Shianova- You seem someone who isnt fraid of no poltergeists: Link

Neo7- Without a doubt the most polarizing member the site has ever seen, I can think of no better song than this considering that fact: Link

Shibby- As the resident cool, laid back guy, heres the most maxin relaxin all cool theme song I can think of: Link

Evanscense- I always thought of you as a lurker, ready to strike at any moment: Link

AdmiralAckbar- What can I say? This is a very Will Smith centric list I guess: Link

latios_power- Never mind, this is a very John Williams centric list: Link

H- I see you as someone who slinks around the site, posting quality stuff whenever you feel like it: Link

jjrocker- Entertaining, funny and somewhat corny, like a college rock song from the 90s. Specifically this college rock song from the 90s: Link

Realusionist- There is something ominous about your avatar, and you seem to be the kind of person interested in affairs beyond the everyday and mundane: Link

Monkey007- Energetic and still somewhat new, youre active enough but you seem to still have some reservations as to whether youre one of those prominent members or not: Link

forty-two- You try your best to win them all and one day time will tell, when youíre the one thatís standing there youíll reach the final bell: Link

planbskater- Too easy.: Link

Pugsy- I dont know much about you, Pugsy, but Im going to say this is your theme song somehow: Link

Nic_Durron- There is some sort of inescapable melancholy and finality in this song that I feel reflects your demeanor Link

Mrh_Hrm- Solely based on your avatar and your post on my last blog, this is your theme: Link


Bandwagon Blog Ahead!
posted 4/18/2012 4:51:34 PM

Post here and I'll give you a theme song. (along with a brief explanation)

Example: Latiosmaster47
You can be arrogant and flippant, but people still like you because you are always willing to help, you work hard, and you give people another reason to smile: Link


A reasonable update time?? (new comic)
posted 4/10/2012 7:48:24 PM


Comment if you read these <_<
posted 4/6/2012 9:40:01 AM

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