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Risen 2 - A bang to the head!
posted 4/28/2012 7:10:13 PM

*!!!Dramatized spoilers from the intro of the game!!!*
Summary of a confused person who has never finished Risen 1.

Me: "Oh, my head... What? Where am I? And how the hell did I get an eyepatch? Ah details, better go see the commandant..."

"Holy sh-! Why the hell is the ENTIRE city in flames and nobody gives a damn...? Must be the decor."

*Kraken eats ship*

"Wow, that ship didn't stand a chance but... *looks behind him* Don't we have bigger problems to worry about right now Mr. Commandant? Like, the entire city is ablaaaaaze, so much that you could see the glow in space? From the Moon? No? Okay, let's go kill something on the beach!"


Me: "Don't be daft man! I got it... Oh right, no auto-equip... There, happy now?"

*To the beach!*

Me: "Oh wow, walking fishies are killing the only surv- OH right in the foot with both jaws and a blood spurt...! Unbelievable, she just jumped up without so much as a grunt! She won't need my help... Okay, maybe she does!"

Tough (3!T(|-|: "YOU DID NOT JUST SAVE ME!"

Me: "FINE! OKAY! Let's go to the commandant!"


Me: "SLOW DOWN GIRL WE'VE ONLY JUST MET! Geez, we could at least have dinner first.

*Few dialogs later I wake up next to that woman fully dressed in my 1-person bed.*

Me: "Already? With the clothes? That was quick! Oh hey!"

Dude outside: "Hey man! I'm training the guards! Wanna help?!"

Me: "Golly, sure, where do we start! Wait, what are y-"


Me: "OH GOD MY HP BAR! IT'S... GONE! WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?! Well, at least I'm alive, drunk, broke, oblivious, and close to death!"

Commandant: "Welcome! You are no longer part of the inquisition now and I'm sending you to the other end of the world on a ship called 'Black Betty'! Goodbye!"

Me: "Charming. Well, I'mma just talk to the guy upstairs, 'k?"

Blond dude: "You are no longer part of the inquisition, or so I heard the commandant say! That means: NO SALARY FOR YOU!"

Me: *Sniff* *Sob* "Whyhyyyy.. What do you all have against me? Did I **** you off in the first game? It wasn't me I sweaaheaaarrr..." *sob*


Random Game BGM's
posted 4/25/2012 5:20:48 PM

THE POWER OF GOOGLE IMAGES! The things one will find by googling "Monkey Music" is just... frightening.

From now on, my sig will contain links to random BGMs from games, mostly portable games for now. (No doubt that will change soon.)
It can go from Final Fantasy to Mario, from Mario to Doom, from Doom to Barbie's paradise, or whatever crazy mood I'm in.

As they are random game BGM's they will not have the same genre everytime, so please try again later if you don't like one.
I update it every day, without fail (even if nobody cares!!). Hope the sig still fits once it goes over 9000!!!!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Please don't forget: it's just for fun. Take it or leave it, as they say.

List so far:

#1 - Disgaea - Dear Comrade Link
#2 - Disgaea - Spread your wings Link
#3 - Devil Surv. 2 - Challenging Fate Link
#4 - Twinkle, like a star: Link

Okay you got me, it's a good way for me to kill some time.


Is now modern...
posted 4/12/2012 3:22:26 PM

Skip to below the second line of -'s for teh seriousness.
Monkey Havoc

By D.Dedude, DJungle News
April 13, 2012 -- Updated 0020 GMT+1

The large jungle located near the southern end of the Netherlands has received major attention from the Dutch populace, as a Monkey received his first smart phone as a gift from his parents.

This caused services such as Twitter, Facebook, and more, to receive a whole host of useless messages and images. Many protesters believe that animals as naughty as monkeys should not be given a modern communication tool.

Sources say that the animal trolled every person he could find, while blaming his contacts.

"T'was but a jest...", said the culprit.

The Monkey apologized and assured the populace that he will try to contain himself from now on, but the day is still young...

Dumb jokes aside, it's a Samsung Galaxy Txt B5510 Android. Not the newest smartphone on the market (Sep 2011) but it's good enough for me and only costs me around 10~ a month, which is fine for a student.

The first thing I did was install Angry Birds Space, so I can **** myself off while going to school. PORTABLE RAGE QUIT!

Meh, my PSP will probably still get most of the attention. I really really really really really really REALLY want a PS Vita but that'll have to wait until the price drops a little.


W00T Birthday!!1!1!!!11!!!
posted 4/3/2012 5:48:47 PM

Party in the jungle... Well, not really. Yep, it's my birthday today. *Waits for drumrolls that never happen...*

This is the first birthday that I don't really want to celebrate, as this hasn't exactly been my best year. Well, at least I get to go to school again soon; I think will be a nice change of pace.

Thanks for reading.

... Hm, kind of out of character isn't it?
Ah, this'll fix it:

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