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No one can stop us now!
posted 3/22/2014 8:46:18 AM

Half time on Chealse and Arsenel football match.

Scores is Chelsea 4 - 0 Arsenal.

In under 20 minutes Arsenal become 3 goals down.

No one can stop us now! Link


I want it to end!
posted 3/21/2014 3:31:12 PM

Same ol just another day......... Nothing is changing. The Cover is failing. Am tired of putting a face on. Am tired, exchausted and just want it to end! feeling depressed.


Scocha - caledonia
posted 3/16/2014 5:57:24 PM

Scocha - caledonia

On the hunt for songs and I found this one. I love it.

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Not 100%
posted 3/16/2014 4:00:22 AM

Not feeling 100% been like this for a week now.

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Job Centre Mucks it up again
posted 3/3/2014 4:36:19 AM

Now. I got a text on Sunday telling me to remember my appointment for the Monday the 3rd. So in my confussion I checked my mails and answer machine for any messages about this appointment. But in vain there was nothing.

Now at this point I rechecked when my actual next appointment was suppossed to be there. Which was the 6th Thursday of this week. Now I had called on the previous Thursday of last week to get that appointment changed as I stated in a previous blog post. But nothing could be changed. So I called the number it gave if there was any issues. But being a Sunday they are closed!

So I asked the old man to check the text and appointment card to confirm the dates shown incase I was reading it wrong. He confirmed the information as the text said the 3rd and my appointment card said the 6th.

So today I left and waitied for the JC to open and find out what is going on. The Gentleman confirmd that my appointment was on the 6th of this week. He was also confused to why I recived the text. So passed it onto another college to find out what was going on.

Now the lady took my number and checked to see if it was being used by anyone one else. She confirmed it was not and my advisor took me today for my appointment since I can not make the Thursday one due to my appointment with the Call Centre hub in Partick.

So while talking with Rachel. The lady came round and informed me that the system they use to send out the texts. Was down for a period of time last week and it had processed 30 texts for past appointments on the 3rd of February. So in away it was good that I got my meeting done but also it was rather frustrating since they had me worried on why it was telling me to come in on a day I had nothing on.

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