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The D'Awwww's, where do they go so fast?
posted 3/8/2012 11:54:35 AM

Weird thing to blog about, but our youngest kitten just turned a year old today. We call him Reggie, and no, I don't know why. I wanted him to be Geralt, but it's slightly harder to shout across the house. He's a Munchkin, so this is about as big as he'll get: Link It's the same genetic mutation that gives Dachshunds their short legs, but Munchkins can use them for a distinct advantage over larger cats. Mostly by doing this:

He can perpetually sit on his butt. And as that image demonstrates, it is adorable.

Our other two cats, Buster (6 weeks old, the blue one in these pics) and Putty are also adorable. Link

And just because, another one of Buster: Link I wish his eyes had kept their blue pigmentation. Oh well.


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Army of Four - Maybe...
posted 3/3/2012 10:28:22 PM

People don't realize why it's a good thing.

This man. The guy "leaking" it. This is the only Sheppard in fiction, period. Two p's. There's another guy with just one, he has far less badass.

Article on the whole dealio over at Gamespot: Link
I admit, it would probably just be the icing on the cake to have Colonel Sheppard in my Army of Two. The first game was decent enough, but the whole "PMCs are replacing the military and are murderous scum" trope had already been done to death. The 40th Day was actually very underrated in my opinion - it's not easy to produce something workable when the entire point of the concept is to take the stuff you like from a bunch of sources and are essentially relying on being good at the sum of its parts.

But TFD kinda took what worked and just ran with it. I'd elaborate on what it did right and what it did wrong, but... Seriously?

It's Army of Two. I was all over that wholly for the gun porn/upgrade system.

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