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Tough Mudder 2013 in Georgia!
posted 12/15/2012 4:01:01 PM

Yup! Doing another Tough Mudder, April 6th in Georgia!

I can't wait. Last one was so much fun.

It'll take us about 8.5 hours to get there.


Results are in!
posted 12/2/2012 7:57:19 PM

Thank you to everyone who commented. Below are your results! The more I know you, the more detailed your results will be.

Dhampy- Tails

Evanscense- You seem to be a nice guy. Your quick-wit and ability to counter my post that other day with an extra smiley face amused me.

Yosup- n/a

Shibby- You are a very cool, laid back guy. You seem to be quite carefree and very chill and it would be a pleasure to hang out with you. You also appear to be someone who doesn't need to have the latest thing and be updated on the latest thing and still be quite happy. I can appreciate character traits like that. I'm sure I would enjoy your company along with the great stories we would share. Keep being chill!

Greendaysucks136- You're username reminds me of annoying 12-year old boy who can't form an opinion of his (or her? I don't know) own. Green Day is a solid band and the only reason why don't like them is because you will never, ever be even 1-millionth as awesome as they are. Because you are worthless.

Latiosmaster47- Back in the day when we used to play Halo all the time I always wished you would have shut the **** up more often. Your girly voice always annoyed the hell out of me along with your lame attempts at jokes. Now that you are in law school? Ha! Good joke! What you think you could actually be a good lawyer? What are you going to do, pretend you are the dude in your avatar Phoenix something or whatever. Well guess what the real world isn't a video game. Being a lawyer takes a lot of work and long nights which suck. Just like you because you are stupid.

dstates- Here is a little of both! Link

latios_power- I never liked anyone with the name "latios" in their username. Hence my hatred towards Latiosmaster47. Therefore I think you suck and I hate you. Plus your avatar annoys me. You remind me of a stuck up hipster who thinks the world revolves around themselves. Well guess what! It doesn't!

Petray- Your ability to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and party like there is no tomorrow has always amazed me. Like seriously? When are you going to grow up and realize there IS a tomorrow? What are you? Two years old? Get a life and realize there is more to this world than having friends and drinking a lot of alcohol you selfish ****-bag.

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