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Hitman Absolution Review
posted 11/24/2012 6:37:57 PM

Been a little while since my last Review. But since I love my Hitman games so coming back with this one.

Story: Now in this game we continue's on from Blood money. The game begins with Agent 47 detailing his relationship with his handler Diana Burnwood whom he had trusted until she, without explanation, betrayed the International Contract Agency (ICA) by sabotaging their funding and database, using the subsequent confusion to vanish. After the ICA is reformed, 47 is tasked by his new handler, Benjamin Travis, a high level official within the ICA, to kill Diana for her betrayal and retrieve an important Agency asset named Victoria from her mansion in Chicago, Illinois. 47 sneaks into her mansion and shoots Diana. Rather than finishing her off, 47 comforts the dying Diana and asks her why she betrayed the ICA. Diana reveals everyone has their limits over the bad things they have done and she discovered hers after learning about Victoria, a teenage girl who is genetically-engineered to be an Assassin within the ICA. Not wishing to see Victoria suffer the same fate as 47, she betrayed the ICA and escape with her. As her final request, Diana ask 47 to protect Victoria, and he agrees to do so. Because 47 refuses to return Victoria to him, Travis brands 47 a traitor.

Now this story revolves around Victoria, ICA and more other great story characters. It is certainly a very good story well done to. I enjoyed it.

Game Play: The game play takes place in America e.g. The United States. Which is different that around the world like the old Hitman games. But I will try not to compare it to the old ones. Now we have the addition of the online feature called Contracts which you can compete against other players around the world doing contracts and even make your own to challenge your friends and others. Also the addition of this instinct feature. Which you can see through the walls and the enemies followed by using it to distract the enemies. Shame there is no in story weapon customization of the weapons and the load out choice to.

Controls: Controls are simple to learn as always even for the new player which is good.

The Graphics: Just amazing. Such an improvement. You can see it in the game and the cinematic's to. The detail on the weapons to and on Mr 47 even the npc's. I can not see a fault in it.

Music: It worked well with the game, it set the scenes up great even in the cinematic's to. I did not even want to turn it off which I did with the old games.

Bugs and Glitches: Well as with any new game these years there is always bugs and glitches. But there was only one or two. First would be crashing in loading sections and the other where the save file is unable to sync up. Other than that I could not come across any other. Many people have said of corrupt save files. I wounder if its connected to the failing to sync up.

Reply Value: There is certainly replay value in this game. Going through each difficulty level and there is the contracts side.

Overall: Great story as always, Game play just gets better with additions of a new skill and environments in America. Bar the loss of the weapon load out set and story mode customization's of the weapons. Controls simple to learn and use. Graphics just amazing. Music in the game adds to the game suspense. As I said there is always bugs and glitches hopefully these will be sorted. So for this next great installment to the Hitman Series. I give this game 9 paws out of 10.

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