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PS2 / BF3
posted 11/29/2012 8:34:29 PM

So after they killed War Of The Roses I decided to try a different kind of online game

Quite a few of my mates play Battlefield 3 so I gave it a go and man it is fun. Going solo was kind boring... but once we were all online and in squads doing awesome stuff it was good fun Plus one of my mates has his own Team Speak server so we can chit-chat and come up with cool tactics.

The only thing I don't like is the huge advantage veteran players have over the newbies. Even with the sniper rifle it still takes me two clean headshots to kill someone, which is complete bullcrap even for a game. But nevermind I'll just keep going up the ranks.

I also cannot get the hang of the fighter jets... whoever designed their controls needs a kick in the love spuds. My mates use a ps3 controller hooked into the computer to use the jets since the mouse/keyboard combo is insane.

But ground combat is much more fun anyway

Another game we just started getting into is Planetside 2

For a free to play game this is awesome. Of course there are bugs since it's new but man they are quick about sorting them. Bummer is that there's only one Aussie server so whenever they take it down for fixes thats the whole of Aus and NZ out of the game... but its free, so no complaints

I really like the open-world feel it has and the huge scale of the battles, you can have a small squad vs squad skirmish or full on war with hundreds of players going at it and more tanks and aircraft than you can shake a stick at.

The graphics of course aren't that hot, think like SW Battlefront 2, maybe slightly better, but the cool thing is that it doesn't really matter what it looks like since it's still really fun.

Peace out!


Favourite game ruined
posted 11/16/2012 8:31:22 PM

War Of The Roses implemented a ping limit on public servers which was to stop those exploiting the lag advantage... but they set it too low

My ping sits at about 90ms most times but sometimes spikes to about 105-110ms and they set the limit to 100ms so I get booted from the servers every time I go over :/

I have battled people who have 140ms ping and they don't have any noticeable advantage so the limit doesn't need to be that low, it was only those with 200ms+ that were a real pain.

There is no way for me to lower my ping, the closest servers are in Australia, my internet goes as fast as the line allows, and I don't have anything else using the internet at the time.

My work mates also play and get about the same ping so they will be in the same boat too.

But I will be messaging the developers/posting on the game forums to see if something can be done.

If they don't fix this I'll be forced to seek a refund :/


posted 11/4/2012 8:48:25 PM

Power supply can't handle the upgrades on my PC

There goes another $200

Also happy Guy Fawkes day everyone

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