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New trainer not working? Code Refactor!
posted 10/29/2012 11:40:03 PM

"If I were to list my complaints about you, it would completely fill up both sides of an A4 note." ~Customer ****ed off when trainers don't work

So so so...developer this and developer that. Developers take so much time to do stuff or so they say. Did you know that development is the longest process of the software cycle? CHU uses the iterative process for developing their software which can probably be stretched to call it agile development. Let's go over this process before we talk about code refactoring.

Agile development is a turn from the original models of development such as the waterfall approach in that it promotes fast development of modules that can be delivered as working software at the end of a relatively short period of time. This allows development to be quick, percise, and allows feedback to be returned a rapid fire rate. With this, software development can be (A) ever continuous and never ending and/or (B) extreme adaptable to requirements that change all the time. In this case the strategy to train games changes constantly with different methods of programming a game done by game development.

This comes to what I do want to talk about which many users are confused about which is the ideology of code refactoring. CHU does undergo code refactoring quite a bit in its trainers as time goes on which is the primary cause for trainers to suddenly not work as previous ones did.

So what is code refactoring? Code refactoring is simply the changing of the internal structure of the code without changing the perceived behavior by the end user. In short it does the same thing but in a different way. This is done for various reasons to include more effecient methods, procedures of doing things that have become depreciated and must have new ones, common methods being extracted out to different locations to be reused in other programs as well. It is a tricky business and just because one refactor does something does not mean it can rechange again to meet new requirements for getting the job done.

Hopefully this gives you a better insight over why some of your trainers suddenly stop working when they have worked in the past.

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