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Tough Mudder! (pics)
posted 10/21/2012 4:45:46 PM

Well I completed the Tough Mudder yesterday. All I can say was that it was a blast! Despite being cold, wet, muddy and miserable we had a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again.

It took us about 5 hours to complete, due to the terrain it was a lot longer to complete than the typical Tough Mudder (about 3 hours). This course was very hilly, about 7 steep hills in both directions we had to conquer. Overall that slowed us down a lot, going slowly down the muddy hills and going slowly up the muddy hills, trying to get a hold of something to keep going. There was also one part that was backed up for about 30 minutes because the hill was so steep and long, people were moving down it so slowly. Actually some of the best parts of this event was sliding down a lot of the hills and not being able to stop, therefore crashing into some people haha it was great!

All the obstacles were really fun. Here is a PDF of the map we did. Link I am not going to talk about each obstacle individually so check them out online if you want to learn more about them.

So if you have me added on facebook, a few of you are, you can check out all the pics there but here are some really good ones I'll upload.

Link Myself on the right
Link One of the mud crawls
Link Me
Link Me trying to help my friend over a 12' wall
Link Me getting shocked running through the final obstacle
Link One of the many pathways, not nearly as steep and muddy as some of the hills I mentioned
Link Three of us after conquering the first shock obstacle, electric eel!
LinkElectric Eel! Crawling through muddy water and getting zapped is always fun!

And that's all the pics I'll upload.

After the event yesterday we were all exhausted. Today when I woke up, my entire lower body hurt and my abs were...still are sore for some reason. And my entire left leg cramped up after the event when I got out of the car due to all the running followed up with motionless. That hurt a lot and looking back on it now we should have stretched after we were done but we were all too tired!

I would highly recommend the Tough Mudder for those looking for a fun time and an event to challenge themselves in. It was definitely a challenge for me!

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