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Sometimes I do like my job
posted 2/23/2012 2:28:36 AM

Like today, learning how to use a firearms simulator in case I need to fix one, it was awesome

Ok not as awesome as real guns but pretty fun, like Wii on steroids

We checked out:
Glock 17
Bushmaster M4
OC Spray

All very cool

The recoil isn't the same though which is a shame, but I can see why as the laser + gas canister mag set up is really fiddly and has tiny parts which break easily, which is kind of ridiculous and means more work for me when they break.

But yea fun times

Otherwise I'm still playing Skyrim and mucking about, had a great night on the weekend just chilling on a beach until 3am with mates then sleeping in a boat shed which is all fitted out with a tv and kitchen etc

Seats taken from a car and mounted onto chairs = Awesomely comfortable beach chairs.

Loving the summer time

Ka kite ano!


It's not over until the fish jumps
posted 2/3/2012 4:41:06 PM

^ One of my favourite lines from Vegeta (right at the end of Super Android 13)


I just watched Bojack Unbound and Super Android 13 again, I'm so glad I bought them (along with the rest).

Out of them all the ones I like the most are:
Bardock - The father of Goku
The history of Trunks
Bojack Unbound
And the first 2 Broly ones

But the rest are good too. The only thing I don't really like is that they are too short, and some strong characters get wasted before they get in a good shot (mostly Piccolo lol). I wish they'd give more background to the baddies it would be
really worthwhile. But nevermind


Been playing it quite regularly and I'm impressed at how much there is to do and explore, I've been playing for over 20 hours at least and not even done 1/4 of the map.

I love the dragon fights but I think they are a bit too easy sometimes. How does a horse survive a dragon attack? I don't even know but mine did and it made me happy lol.

I'm finding the archery and sneak skills invaluable as it can make assaulting a Falmor camp or bandit hideout far easier when you can pick off most of the warriors from a distance (love the 3 x sneak damage perk).

I'm not really using the magic, I find I can never finish a fight with it as it's simply not powerful enough or fast enough for me. Plus there's so many spells I can't keep track of them or figure out how to use them effectively. Much easier to stand there and hack someone up or shoot them down

I'm loving the dual wield weapons ability, I have two ebony war axes, both enchanted, one with ice damage and one with fire damage, and the double power attack is enough to finish off most boss baddies

Anyway I'll leave it at that for now, big long blogs get boring quickly. Laters

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