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Dark Souls - PC Gamers, BOLO
posted 2/28/2012 2:09:46 PM

Or, in shorthand cop speak, Be On (the) LookOut for two things:

1. The guy who started the petition over on reddit to get Dark Souls ported to PC. The guy (who effectively started the port snowball) at Namco Bandai has declared his intent to contact him. Link

Okay, so maybe that's not exactly what would be said and nothing has actually been confirmed about a port. But if he wants to contact the guy who started the petition, something has transpired. I'm to the opinion/belief that we'll see an announcement pretty soon.


Despair of a (De)Programmer - Midnight
posted 2/24/2012 6:56:51 AM

Well, I doubt anyone read that last one, eh? Eh? It kind of hit the character limit cap. As did what I intended to post next - "Four Minutes" and "3-2-1". In quotes because they were just two more, not four more with a fifth to conclude.

But I didn't. 'Cause who knows what a deprogrammer is, anyway? I apparently do, all too well. Or maybe not.

Now dropping the anvil: if you haven't read that last one, abuse is not nice. Father on daughter abuse is not nice. Seeing it after the fact with someone you don't know at all is still not nice.

So I'll conclude the story. Guess I thought people would like intrigue and actually read wordy words, so you can count me as a terrible person: the events were still unfolding. But I didn't want to flat out say something along the lines of:

"This girl died, if you email this to ten friends you won't, either."

That was just how it unfolded, some true stories are just like that. I was, however, (somewhat) prudent and waiting for the dust to settle. Namely for the man I'd looked in the eye and known had caused this suffering outright to be convicted.

Day after I posted the first part, acquittal. It's circumstantial that she was shot with a .270, and that he conveniently only possessed one when his daughter was first forcibly taken to a hospital, then a police station, then a psychiatric ward from him after she claimed self-infliction of wounds, then "ex-boyfriends."

Some true stories just end that way. Sorry. Especially if you've read through all of the previous post expecting to find some resemblance of sense.

Oh, I could explain my not-too-obscure titling scheme: Link


Tales of a (De)Programmer - 5 minutes
posted 2/20/2012 2:48:38 PM

I don't have a personal blog anywhere and didn't want to choke up the forums with this, but I still wanted to share this personal tale to... Well, just to share it. It'll be spread over a couple posts due to immense wordiness.

I'll skirt around the technical terms for all the stuff for easier reading, I don't expect everyone to have studied both psychology and legal procedure and the practical applications thereof. But first, some stuff about me:

I've studied psychology as a hobby for some reason since 6th grade, and come from a family with a really long history of law enforcement, so I study bits of that and get told stories about the bits they don't like to air on TV. I also try to volunteer time (and whatever else I can) whenever I can to state/locals and would like to eventually join one or the other, but being gimped by a bullet to the leg from my ever so short military career makes it a pipe dream. Dream nonetheless, though.

But this post isn't really about me - it's about her. I say "her" because naming names here is out of the question - morally and legally. Since it'll be hard to keep track without actual names, I should probably use generic ones with quick descriptions:

Girl: Subject of this story, in her early teens.
Dad: Her dad, 30-something.
(Doctor) Teacher: Man who got me involved, (voluntarily) we'll call him Teacher because he was oddly both my driving instructor and mentor in psychiatric care. Is in the top 1% in terms of intelligence in the world, actually! Can also... Inspect nuclear weapons and material whenever he likes. (don't ask why, it's complicated) In his late 60s, so me being 20 currently often results in hilarity when people presume he's and ask me if they should call the police for me.
(The) Ward: Not so much a person (though it does have an identity and "personality" all its own) as just the name of the psychiatric clinic/hospital Teacher works at/I volunteer at occasionally

So, on with the story already: I met Teacher for one of our routine outings not too long ago to browse every second-hand store in the entire county. I nabbed a 4th gen iPod Shuffle for $20, though to my dismay upon listening to what was on it before I took it home, its previous owner apparently quite enjoyed their rap music. We got back into our car, and went about the 20 minute drive between that store and the next. I noticed something was on Teacher's mind and didn't hesitate to inquire.

"There's a girl at Ward, she's scheduled for dismissal three days from now. That's not safe for her." I asked why. "Because her father is the reason she's under our care, and she doesn't have a mother. There are two others attending, and the administration is content with two out of three agreeing she's 'recovered.' I'm not." But if she's been traumatized, how can they just let her go!?

"Her father has no criminal record, is reputable in quite a few circles, and she has progressed so far past simply enduring physical abuse that she does not, cannot, and will not remember anything about what he's done. She won't tell any of us what really happened, and insists everything was inflicted by an ex-boyfriend, or self-inflicted. Her father told me she's rarely even left the house since her mother died before I even came to suspect him, so I don't believe one bit of it." After a full three minutes or so of nothing but the sounds of the engine and other cars whizzing by on the highway, I finally broke the silence and asked if Teacher thought she might talk to me, being a good 30 years closer to her age than any of the doctors at The Ward. "Maybe. Could you handle going now? And... Keep the fact that you know about her case confidential, I only asked if you would volunteer to help without details, alright?" I nodded and we sped past our usual exit, on our way to Ward.

As we entered the lobby, I noticed a man that fit the description of Dad flirting with a nurse, getting brushed off lightly. He didn't seem to care, and continued as the nurse elevated her gentle let-downs to not-so-gentle to snide, then finally to "Do I have to call security, sir?" He finally let up and turned around, spotting Teacher and I. He made a beeline for us as we called the elevator.

Dad: "Hi, Doctor Teacher! Who's this here with you, your son?
Teacher: "Erm, I told you about my two boys, yes? This is my boy's boy."
Me: "Hello, Dad."
D: "It must be great to have grandkids! You babysitting or something?"
T: "Not really. Your daughter has been less than willing to divulge the details of her issues with her boyfriends to myself and her other doctors, so I thought someone younger who had considerable knowledge in our field would allow her to be more receptive. Telling us how it happened is a major part of the road to recovery, as I've told you before: more important and useful than any drug or couch-shrink questions."
D: (He furrows his brow, obviously a bit worried it might actually work.) "Oh. Well, if it's been approved by your bosses..."
M: "Don't worry sir, they've given me their confidence. {Blatant lie if you couldn't tell, by the way } I assure you I won't cause her any undue stress or pressure her into telling me anything she doesn't want to. I honestly doubt I will be of much help, but help is still help, no?"
D: (Relaxes considerably, as if he'd just been given a pack animal after weighing the contents of his belongings before a trip through the desert.) "Yeah, you're right. She won't even tell me, you know. But good luck." (Shoots me a big, flashy grin: it's quite fake.)
T: (Presses button for appropriate floor) "Employees only on the fourth floor, sir. Strictly for visitor's safety." {Another cheeky lie}

We were going up to a well-lit, sterile area. But if you go far enough up, further than any elevator can take you, you hit the void of space. And that darkness you see out in it - that's where some human hearts lay.

More of this to come soon.


Dark Souls - PC Gamers, Heed! HEED!
posted 2/13/2012 11:21:24 AM

So, Dark Souls, a spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, which in turn was a successor to King's Field developed by From Software, was easily my favorite game last year - it is incredibly challenging, probably moreso than any other game since the golden "Nintendo Hard" era. But it lacked one thing

It was not on PC. With your help, that can change. This is the basic summary of what Namco-Bandai's reps have said on the subject: Link

This is the Petition itself: Link

Even if you are indifferent to the game, I beseech you to sign anyway - for ages From Software has limited their work to consoles, and if they can make their first big opening (they've only made two PC game in the past, a King's Field adventure creator and Ninja Blade, neither anything spectacular)
with Dark Souls, they will cement themselves as an incredibly dynamic company. We could see future Armored Core installments on PC, too!

If the petition does work and we get to see a PC version of the game, I'll likely pick a name out of a hat of those that comment on this post here for a gift copy, as it's really just that amazing. So vote, people!

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