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Dhampy's 2012 Game Awards Show
posted 1/14/2013 5:35:40 PM

Winners from the last blog have been PMed their winnings. Yay!


Some explanation of my awards.

These awards are for games which were played IN 2012, not necessarily games FROM 2012 (most will be). But I think that the categories will make sense.


Dhampy's Favorite Overall Game of 2012.

This is a difficult category.

But I decided it has to be Crusader Kings 2.

Paradox can't publish anyone else's games, but they do make their own very well. This game is polished and complex yet straightforward. Simply outstanding.

Dhampy's Favorite Expansion for a Game of 2012


Three words: Best. Vanilla. Armor.

Vampires still haven't gotten back to their Morrowind/Vampire Embrace mod level of awesomeness, but the devs showed that you CAN script vampirism infection and followers in Skyrim. Someone's got to take it and run with it. We need to create our own massive vampire clans like in Morrowind.

Dhampy's Favorite Mod of 2012

Black Mesa.

A total conversion that turns Half Life 2 into Half Life 1!

Dhampy's Favorite You Need To Play This Game of 2012


This game is awesome. Play it now.

Dhampy's Favorite You Spent Too Much Time Playing This Game and Now You have to Scramble to Get Those Exams Graded Game of 2012

Borderlands 2.

According to Steam, this is one of my most played games. Above it are such titles as Skyrim (which I actually didn't play a whole lot in 2012...strange), Fallout New Vegas (same), Europa Universalis II (which I have but not as much in 2012 as Borderlands 2).

So, Borderlands 2 it is.

Dhampy's Favorite Game You Play On Your Phone of 2012

Angry Birds Space.

I'd choose Angry Birds Star Wars, but it's only got two sets of levels up and that's not a real game yet.

Dhampy's Favorite Neo-Retro Game of 2012

Legend of Grimrock.

If you played games in the 80s, or play older retro games, you know the dungeon crawl. And this is it in the modern world.

Dhampy's Favorite Game You Have Probably Never Heard of of 2012

Civil War Battles: Campaign Overland.

From John Tiller Games. By John Tiller...formerly of HPS and before that of Talonsoft. It's the Overland Campaign. Great fun.

Dhampy's Favorite Why the Hell Did You Make this Game of 2012

FarCry 3.

So like take the format of Far Cry 2 and put it in the setting of Far Cry 1 and then feed it blotter acid for a few weeks.

The game makes no sense. Pirates and magic tattoos and skinning animals to carry more guns and something about pulling an expansion card out of a radio tower's power box and there is no emotion in the game at all. AND WHY INCLUDE A FLAMETHROWER IF NOTHING BURNS WELL?

And yet one still plays it.

It is also fun to critique what you see it the game, as people I'm facebook friends with know.

Dhampy's Mildly Least Favorite Game of 2012

I just can't get in to Dishonored.

I don't get the point of a game with one dimension...maybe less than one.

But it is a mild dislike. I may return to it.

Dhampy's You've Got to be ****ing Kidding Me Game of 2012

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Yeah yeah yeah released in 2011, don't care. Needs to be mentioned.

Seriously, this game is stupid. This game is short. This game is a cakewalk. I was kind of bummed when I saw the trainer is retired. But who ****ing needs it? I TRIED TO DIE AND COULDN'T. I played the whole game on "regular", never ducked for cover, ran right up to baddies and then ignored them as they shot at me and only died twice, both times because I blew myself up cooking grenades.

Dhampy's Favorite I'd Rather Gouge My Own Eyes Out than Play Another Second of this Game of 2012

Assassins Creed 3.

This series has run too hard and has lamed itself and it is time to put it down. Tie it to a tree and bash it with a shovel.

Moving it to the late colonial period was a neat idea. But they added too much crap.

Here is what I mean: You are chasing someone through Boston. You pass relatively close to a table and your guy jumps on it. You pass relatively close to a bench and your guy sits on it. You pass relatively close to a well and your guy jumps down it. It does not matter to your guy that you weren't even aimed at these things, or that you are chasing someone at full speed. No, proximity is all that matters.

Flash to the forest, you're running to an objective. You pass near a pile of sticks, you jump in it. You pass near a tree stump and you jump on it and THEN YOU'RE STUCK. Thirty seconds of fiddling and your guy falls off backwards.


And the story is just stupid.

Please. Kill. This. Series. Now.

Dhampy's Favorite Retro Gametime Merry Happy Days of 2012

The 7th Guest.

A possibly pedophile murderer who made a pact with sinister forces, dolls laced with an incurable virus, puzzles, a haunted house, and an amnesiac invited to a dinner party.

GoG has it. This is the game that put the CD-ROM drive on the map. It is STILL outstanding.

Dhampy's Favorite Game Accessory of 2012

I got an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.

I was using a PS3 controller but my bluetooth dongle stopped working. Now I can play Nintendo again.

Dhampy's Special Shoutout of 2012


Playstation 2 on your PC, all you need is a bios image from your PS2 and your game collection.

What Dhampy is Playing the First Weeks of 2013 and Needs to be Mentioned of 2012.

The Europa Barbarorum Mod for Rome Total War.

RTW2 is gonna suck, guys. You all know it even if you can't bring yourself to accept it.

And until EB2 comes out (it is being made for M2TW), this is all you've got.

Reinstall RTW. Patch to 1.5. Download EB.

Do it.


Dhampy has steam keys to give out
posted 1/10/2013 11:09:30 AM

I have keys I don't really want to redeem for:



Magicka Vietnam.

If you would like one or more, post in the comments which you would like. And I will assign you a number and then draw using a random number thingy on the interwebnet.

These are Steam keys, so you need to have Steam.


A Tale of Two Sales: An Annotated List.
posted 1/5/2013 2:19:42 PM

GoG had a holiday sale, too. Just FYI.

I will list purchases made from the GoG and Steam sales with annotations.

From GoG.

I have this game, but it's like seven CDs and it's buried in a box in my storage room (this will be a common theme in our discussion of purchases). If you are unaware of this title, you have to buy it. It was written and designed by Roberta Williams (she considers it to be her Magnum Opus) and stretches the boundaries for graphic depictions of rape and gore. It is not a challenging game, its puzzles are easy. It isn't particularly well acted or scripted compared to other Roberta Williams titles. It isn't particularly endearing. But it is a piece of gaming history and is something everyone should play. And I haven't in a long long time.

Phantasmagoria 2.
Phantasmagoria was intended to be a trilogy of games without connecting storylines and presented in different styles. Roberta Williams did not participate in the second title of the series. And the third was cancelled. The first was intended to be a supernatural horror in the vein of Stephen King. Phantasmagoria 2 was intended to be a psychological horror in the vein of Edgar Allen Poe and the movie Jacobs Ladder. The game is far more graphic than its predecessor, and has far worse characters and writing. It came in a package deal. I wouldn't have bought it separately.

Gabriel Knight 2 and 3.
I got the first from GoG some time ago to relive old memories and I really enjoyed playing it again. I never got the next two of the series when they were new. So I have now. If you are unfamiliar with the series, they are about a writer and bookstore owner who in the process of researching a new book found himself pulled into the world of the supernatural and becomes an modern day inquisitor and investigator of the paranormal. Haven't played them yet. But will on a dark night. They came in the pack with the Phantasmagoria games. Excellent voice talent.

Freespace 2.
I've always wanted this game. Yeah.

Wing Commander 1-4 + Privateer
One of those things where I have the games but they're packed away. Seriously, this series is phenomenal and you all should go to GoG now and buy them. They are all worth full price. You fly in space and shoot bad guys and your success of failure influences the course of the war. And the voice and video acting talent is first rate. Buy them now.

From Steam.

I Am Alive.
I have a weakness for post-apocalyptic games. I've played a little in this and it seems OK.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
This was one of the last physical discs I bought. It is outstanding in every way. Wanted a digital copy and it was like two bucks.

Call of Cthulhu.
It is a broken hulk of a game that could have been, but I still enjoy it. Have the disc somewhere buried in a box.

Saints Row The Third: The Full Package.
I got the base game from the THQ Humble Bundle. And now I got all the DLCs. Buying the whole thing was cheaper than just the DLC's.

Modern Warfare 3.
An impulse buy. I beat it on normal in one sitting and my leg didn't even start hurting from sitting too long. It was a mistake to buy.

Spec Ops: The Line.
Another impulse buy. I played an hour or so, seems OK. Wondering where the supposed moral choices are.

Instead of digging for the disc and the expansions, I bought it on steam. But I still have to dig for the minor DLC's.

Got it on disc, now on Steam.

Resonance and Gemini Rue.
These games showcase what Adventure Game Studios and some imagination can do. We live in an adventure game renaissance.

Far Cry Franchise Pack.
Have the first two both on disc and from GoG. Wanted the third. Cheaper to buy the pack. So now I have three copies of the first two. I've been playing the third as mini-vacations from Skyrim. It's fun but I don't see what all the praise is about. Console game expectations have leeched into the PC game world and now pseudo-intellectual quoting of lines from cliche literature is interpreted as storytelling.

F1 2012.
Impulse buy. I need to get my wheel and pedals from my parents basement.

Fear Complete Pack.
Impulse buy. Played bits of the first two before but they weren't mine, snagged them from my brother's collection temporarily, hey they were like five bucks for the bunch.

Crysis 2.
Had to use up a gift code. Impulse buy. Curious.

The Scorchers DLC for Rage.
Maybe it includes a patch that fixes the annoying crashes?


That's it.

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