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The law of nines
posted 1/24/2012 4:33:20 PM

Is the name of the book I'm reading at the moment, and its interesting, but verrry wordy for a novel that isn't very long (for me anyway). There's no way the main character thinks all the things that the author is writing, you'd have to be a computer to be that analytical. But it's still interesting enough to keep me reading.

Recently I've read through the series A Song Of Ice and Fire and just finished 'A feast for crows' and I'm having to wait to get my hands on 'A dance with dragons' since I made the mistake of lending it to someone thinking they would have finished it by the time I got through 5 large novels. Oh well

Also I've been playing Skyrim, usually for about 1 hour a day but sometimes I skip a day. It's a good game I'm really enjoying it but I can't do it for long periods of time. I am impressed by most of it except for one thing... the combat. The archery is good. The other weapons... not so much. It's too awkward, you can't really aim your weapon, and you can only do a power attack. It's barely better than Morrowind and I found that awful. They don't seem to grasp that footwork is just as important as how you swing the weapon, and so you end up looking like a retard flailing about trying to hit someone. But otherwise it's pretty good and I will be playing it for a looong time yet

So it's supposed to be summer here but maybe only half the days we are seeing sunshine which is just typical of the unpredictable weather here. But at least it's giving me some time to do things inside rather than wasting sunny days

Also my anniversary on this site occurred last month and I completely forgot about it lol not sure how long it is now, don't really care, and still enjoying the site (not that I post much)

Hmmm what else... nope that's all I got for now.

If you have any suggestions for a blog I should do then feel free, and it might make me post blogs more often, and not so long and wordy

Later alligators.

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