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posted 5/31/2010 4:18:07 AM

Hey, i don't know about YOU, But i would like to see a real effort made by the Game Companies to add real voice control to some games. Especially Strategy games, like total war.
It would be great to be able to Bark Orders to your AI commanders and have them carry them out. End War was a half hearted attempt, but left a lot to be desired. Voice recognition can be enhanced with cam video of your face, as you speak, as in lip reading.
With that said, Can you imagine Rome total war set up where you just tell the Unit commanders what formation to take, and which flank to attack, or defend. Guess im just tired of looking at the box with all the dead mice an keyboards. Not to mention my aching fingers, an corporal tunnel effects, after a 5 hour session of Fallout or Napoleon. What YOU Think?


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