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I Suppose I Should Say Something Too
posted 3/28/2013 3:52:39 PM

Alright, so I'm not really the type to have a lot of words when it comes to something like this.

I know you all know that Nicole and I have split up. While I'm not going to sit here and tell you that the decision was mutual, I will say that I believe with all my heart that it's for the best. There were a lot of problems that we ignored for no damn good reason, and we had so many times where simple communication was an issue, it became clear that we were just holding on to something in the past.

Please, no one think that we harbor any ill-will towards each other. There is no bad blood between us. The relationship had run its course and we both realize that. Yeah, the ending itself was, for lack of a better term, a bit messy. But this has also allowed us to clear the air about nearly everything between us. From there, I only hope that our friendship grows beyond what it already was.

The one thing I do ask is that you refrain from asking either of us questions about it. If I want you to know details, I will come to you for it.



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