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Dragon Age - my new obsession!
posted 1/5/2010 10:35:02 PM

I love the standard RPG's. As a self proclaimed - girly game player. I've come to accept the only games I seem to enjoy are the Teen rated FF like games. So FF, Dark Cloud, Kingdom Hearts....etc... So when a friend suggested I try Dragon Age I was already shaking my head with doubts. First of all - I don't like gore in's not my thing. So when I saw it was rated M and had a lot of gore I was already skeptical.

But then I played the game. Now I'm hooked. Dragon Age is like an RPG I have never played before. I am so use to the linear type of storyline. But with Dragon Age the possibilities are endless. You can play the story through as six different characters. And technically 12 if you include the ability to play through each character as male or female. And the actions you can take throughout the story are endless. The romances you can create along with the enemies. I had never played Mass Effect - granted I had heard of it from a friend. And Dragon Age is a game that I could play a thousand times and never see myself getting bored of. Simply because of all the opportunities it offers.

I am a person who has probably played and beaten FFX about 30 times. And that is no exaggeration. So thinking that I can play a linear story like that so many times. I can see myself playing Dragon Age upwards of 50 times. The story is so beautiful and moving. There's sacrifice, death and what not.

Please feel to talk to me about this game and the possibility for a squeal. It intrigues me so much. .


I like to play softball and basketball and im a HUGE red sox fan. My favorite games are ffvii,ffx and ffx2.

Feel free to PM me.

I'm a 18 year old chick and I love to meet new people. I'm an all around nice person. I enjoy playing softball and of course playing Final Fantasy and other RPG's.

I am from the US yet my boyfriend lives in Australia, we've been together for 7 months now and everything is going great and I'm moving there in June of 2009!!!!!!!!
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