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Gaming companies wants ownership?
posted 7/25/2015 5:15:11 PM

In a conference held by both EA and Blizzard and other unknown entities, there was speculations that these and other Gaming companies would want to lobby for even more control over the games we own. They want to have all rights (and ownership) of a specific or all games and content developed by them. This will mean that you (the consumer) will no longer completely or any type of ownership to your supposedly purchased game, only licensed to play it for a specific time or terms. No more DVD's or CD's or full DLC's. I believe (if approved by regulating agencies)that this will give gaming companies and even greater edge in their sales approach in terms of adding more sales spam to any of those games. We all know how annoying it was when Steam had developed a method where when playing any of your games a pop up would appear with stupid adds. That, was quickly removed due to an enormous and overwhelming amount response from their users (including myself).

My personal thoughts on this;
Any company selling any product to other businesses or consumers could change policies, add different product lines, or even increase prices as they go forward into the realm of "sales". But, the "business as usual" will no longer apply to them.
We as consumers and avid game lovers have the final say in their methods, no matter what policies they implement. If we don't like it, we wont buy it. So, in essence, let them change the way we buy our games or own them in whatever way they desire, because at the end of the day, it is the mighty dollar and Euro that really is the true regulator.

What do you think?


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