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Why cheat?
posted 12/18/2009 2:09:53 PM

That title is the one thing many people ask themselves. I would say cheating is a foul word to use. It soley depends on the goal you have with playing a game.

For me, a trainer is a good way to learn, to advance through a timeline, to live the story. My own values from a game isn't the challenge, my age and my life has posed enough of that already, i want the entertainment!

Progress, regardless of challenge is more appealing to me then a nut to crack in every little advance.

So, by joining here, i might find sollutions to things that made me stop play certain games, since my patience is slim to none.

Latest in my arsenal of games is ARMA 2, wich felt like nessesary after i tried OPF and just loved the way the story's told, and considerating how Codemasters provokingly used the Operation Flashpoint trademark on sutch a unbelivably bad game, is beyond me.

It's amazing what money can do, or drive people to.

At any rate, off to solo ARMA2, and not have to run around with a pack of oddjobs behind!


Female, 34, European.
Hey it's winter! I'm a gardening designer. It's now cold, and snow!
I got all time in the world to abuse my time and bend and twist my sleeping pattern. Game On!

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