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The topic of "Cheating"...
posted 4/19/2010 5:45:51 PM

I'm an hardcore or should I say avid gamer. I've been one since Atari. The best year ever 1985, my birth year but more importantly, one of the best games to ever debut in the world the (O.G.) Super Mario Brothers (85'). But my real reason for this :blog: is, is us as gamers using Trainers to cheat and win, really bad for us? Maybe makes us less of a gamer that we can't do it without the Trainer or cheating device to win? But after playing games without cheating and beating them the "normal" way I've come to the conclusion that using Trainers and so, only makes the game more interesting and fun. Such as being able to walk right up to the bad guys and just blasting them with a headshot with the puny pistol is just an example that makes me laugh. Gameshark, GameGenie, ActionReplay and the PC's Trainers have all made my gaming experiences one to remember. So this blog is to saying thank you, to all those that have created the Trainers that I used to play and "re-enjoy" all these games I have loved...

Thank You.


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