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posted 6/4/2011 7:36:57 AM

Just joined for Life; being retired, I humbly suggest a senior discount, because my definition of "life" is a little different from young Timmy down the street waving his arms through the air playing his Wii2, or whatever you call them!
I just want to make my gaming position clear - when I pay $50 or more, or less, for a game, I want to OWN it, use it my way, and be able to access all of the parts of it, when I want it. This site and its offerings complete that desire, and so I plan to come here often, to go back now and enjoy many older games with the advantage of the excellent information and training tools I need to really enjoy playing.
Right now (remember , "retired" and not always on the cutting edge1) I'm playing (still playing):
Oblivion - best RPG ever in Sword and Sorcery
Fallout 3/FNV - best post-apocolypse RPGs
Sniper-Ghost Warrior - kinda stupid game but love the bullet time
Borderlands w/expansions - comical, endless weapons, inventories, perfect balance betwee run&gun and RPG.
NFS SHIFT - the only driving prg since Porsche Unleashed worth playing/driving.
Big fan of COD series but stopped at the stupid WAW - just an awful game but easy to play, just follow this instruction: 1.Spawn, Move, Die 2. Re-spawn, move, die. 3. Repeat.

FYI, I'm a longtime Photoshop user, and science fiction fan, movies in general, and obviously an RPG guy.
Looking forward to being active on the site and hearing from others.


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