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Mech Warrior Mercenaries
posted 1/21/2011 7:16:04 AM

First i bought unlimited at CHH for this superb trainer....but...what a disapointment...no crack works on that stupid version 302b...
Well, I spent another 10USD a bought orinal MW4 Mercenaries, for its CD2...
Hurah i finally can play MW4 mercenaries with that AWESOME trainer....MW4 mercenaries is one of my favourite...new mechs, news cheats - Unlimited Cooldown...HURAH.

Well...at 302b only some of new items is on campaing , and unlimited toonage cheats is prety buggy (its strange since previous version trainers used different approach to weight , and it worked flawlesly), also unlimited cooldown work only for some weapons , and enemies sometimes have it too (.

Well...overal...100 USD is nothing to me...so i m ok with that... but.

Other games:
I m little disappointmented, in CHH, since i must say, all public trainers works at 95% if your version is right.
BUT trainers of unlimited users works only about 70% for me..
(NFS hot persuit, Arhur roleplay wargame 1.05, Alpha protocol Save game editor reputation is buggy at 11-20 reputation...)

Well i have to use others sites for trainer about 50% times even i have unlimited membership..sad :*{


I sometimes do simply trainer by myself, but Caliber rulez...
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