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Help For Far 1 - Cheats Not Working..
posted 3/31/2010 4:11:57 AM

Hi Everyone,

I've had a quick read through the blog posts to see if anyone else has encountered the current glitch I've got happening in my retail bought PC DVD copy of Far Cry 1, which I'm playing on a HP Compaq laptop with windows 7 operating sytems running the game.

All that's fine - but when I installed the trainer doing the
-devmode cheats initialiser bit. I managed to get godmode working as well as get some of the ammo. But all other cheats failed.

Pressing the p and o (oh) keys I managed to get an acknowledgement of getting all my weapons - (WITHOUT ACTUALLY GETTING THEM) When I came across any weapons in the game I could pick one up only when I dropped the weapon I had in my hand. When I went to use the "new" one it had been stripped back to the weapon I had just been holding.

Pressing the letter "Oh" - (O) on my keyboard, got me ammo but much less than 99999999 or whatever the number was supposed to be - it was way less in my case.

I noticed in particular that if I swam, drove or walked too far out of bounds, the helicopters, Jeeps, Army Dudes or speedboats would arrive, then the screen would go a fuzzy/mushy purple-grey while they hammered me. The only way through was to restart the game from a last saved point as I was totally DISABLED from killing my enemies regardless of what I did.

This has also happened to me on land as well.

I'd like to replay the whole game again from scratch without these glitches - but don't get me wrong - I LOVE THIS GAME - IT ROCKS!!!

Can anyone help with some ideas or advice to make the trainer work better in conjunction with windows 7?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Happy gaming peoples

- Cheers, Jemma1


Hi all, I'm a Newbie PC/dvdrom Far Cry 2 game player that's having a heck of a time just getting out of the hotel room, let alone getting to really "play" the game.

Can ANYONE HELP??? Maybe send me a saved game to just after I get out of hotel room maybe? I'm in Marty Alencar character if that helps.

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