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The two incidents in my trip at Tioman.
posted 8/15/2009 6:40:11 AM

I went to Pulau Tioman for 3 days & 2 nights last week. My friends were going with me too, we enjoyed the first day and night.The second day was fine, but at night it was........ scary?? Me and my friends were trying to catch fish unsucessfully (But we did caught some of those small crabs). A few adults of another group came after a few minutes.(Hee! We children are better than adults!! ) We were 'busy' when an adult said :"I see a snake!". There were people saying things such as :"Is it poisonous?" "Let's get out of here.". One of my friends acted brave and went to search for the snake. When he was about to show the "all clear" hand sign, the snake rose up from the water, away from my friend a few centimeters! After that, everyone at the beach were gone at once.(And at the way of going back, a tree branch fell off, making the girls think it's a snake a scream like .)

The days went as normal, until the last day. It was at the morning when my sister went to the bathroom to brush her teeth.
She something and told all of us to come. In the place where you sh-t, there lay 2 lively squirrels trying to get out of the place. The guy who braved during the last incident picked them out. (He said that they were gay because both the squirrels were male.)he dried them and set them free.

Wierd, isn't it??


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