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Please Sir, can I have some more money??
posted 4/13/2010 3:22:37 AM

I recently started using a site called MusicMagpie, on the site you enter the barcode of a dvd, cd or game and it will give you a price, you can enter up to 500 different barcodes. What happens now is you post (or they collect when there are over 100 items) the items to them and they will send you a check for however much they offered. Ok it seems like a pretty good thing to do but the price they offer for things is miniscule. The lowest price is, I think about 20p for a cd, 30p for a dvd and 50p for a game. I tried putting some of my new games on just to see the price and I wasnt getting even a 10th of the price they are in shops. I believe this is absolutely terrible and unless they increase the prices, they ain't gonna have much business at all.

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These are, pretty much my favourite songs of all time.
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