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Sit-Rep, 2010-02-05
posted 2/4/2010 4:59:54 PM

Well, I haven't been blogging or been on this site for quite some while now. Not much has happened in my life. The most interesting things that happened to me when 2010 hit would be the release of Avatar and the fact that I just beat Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect. Ever since I put the CD in the Xbox and the start screen popped up, i've been a crazy fan. The first game was amazing, it brought back all those things sci-fi is missing nowadays. I literally felt "sucked in" to the game, every second I had, I played it; exploring every single option and pursuing every side quest. Well now we have Mass Effect 2. There's so many ways to describe this game it's not even funny. It's simpy, amazing. The way your tiniest actions influenced what you are now in the story and the way you can really choose to be whatever you want to be. Mass Effect 2 revived my interest in space, aliens, stars, universes, etc. The game is truly flawless. Half of the time, I thought I was living in a Hollywood movie, all the scenes, the music and the plot twists, simply stunning. Even though in the end, one man from my crew died, but I didn't want to do a second playthrough because I thought that this would make it more "realistic" for me in the 3rd game. Mass Effect 3, I literally; cannot wait.

James Cameron's Avatar
Avatar, the movie we've all been waiting for. I saw it a couple of days ago in 3D and my god this movie changed my life. There were scenes that were so moving, they made me cry in the theater. And I don't cry very easily at all. When the credits started rolling, I somehow wished that all that were true, and there were really Na'vi in this world. I also realized i'd rather be one of them than human. We seem so idiotic compared to them. Speaking of all that though, Pandora, the planet it was all set on was just so amazing. I literally said to myself "It's beautiful;" how all the plants and the ground lights up when they step on it, how every thing's connected, I really wish I was there instead of where I am now. I also can't help to feel an extreme jealousy of the relationship between Jake and Neytiri. I wish that I had someone I could trust and someone who loved me as much as they love each other. I think that's a great part of what moved me. Seriously though, I could go on forever, I don't think there's enough space for it even! I'll just quit my rambling. Before I go, I also have to say that I am nearly dying, waiting for the release of Avatar 2. People, it's a trilogy!

Now I am off to the hospital to get my blood test, thanks for reading everyone, and may Eywa guide you through all hardships!

- E

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